Say No to Comparison!

I have struggled with the sin of comparison on several occasions. The good thing is that Daddy God constantly brings me back to my senses, recalibrates my brain and reminds me of how unique I am. Whether we compare ourselves with others just to feel like we are better or to wish for their life is a No Go.

I was thinking of how sad and pathetic it would be for me to start comparing my baby with other babies. Knowing fully well that he has a distinct genetic makeup, unique parents and his daily life experiences are different, it wouldn’t make sense for me to expect him to start talking, walking, crawling and reaching baby milestones at the same time other babies reach theirs.

In the same light, it is pathetic to get caught up in comparison. God created each human with unique features and abilities. He doesn’t compare us with other humans. In fact, we have one standard- to be like the one who created us. Perhaps, all humans have unique fingerprints and footprints because God wants to show us we are special and He was deliberate in forming us. While I wear Medium sized gloves and size 9W shoes like other women, my fingerprints and footprints are unique. We may find ourselves in similar roles but we play our roles uniquely. I can learn from others but I will not strive to be like them.

Psalm 139:14 New International Version (NIV): I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

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