Lessons From Baby’s Milestones

My little one is exploring his body’s natural abilities. His exploration and milestones keep me in awe of God. My baby is now able to crawl backward, roll from back to tummy and vice versa, sit with support, make a lot of baby sounds and consciously laugh out loud. He has reached these milestones without watching or learning from another baby. There were times he failed in his attempts to reach some milestones but he never gave up. The little one didn’t think ‘maybe this rolling over thing is not for me, I quit!’. He cried after failing several times but he didn’t give up.

There were few times his father and I intervened to help him accomplish his ‘back to tummy’ goal but most times we left him to sort things out himself. He is now a professional when it comes to rolling over and crawling backward. My baby’s face lights up and my joy overflows each time he succeeds. His ability to roll over gives him the wonderful ability to see things from different angles.

As I reflect on my baby’s milestones, his God-given natural abilities, his periods of frustration and his relentless nature; I am reminded of my need to grow and utilize my spiritual gifts. My eyes have been opened to the fact that I have untapped natural and spiritual abilities. I have a new urge to discover and maximize all that God has deposited in me. I want to be like those faithful servants who ensured the master’s talents and gifts were invested and multiplied.

Like my son, I must stay hungry to discover all my God-given abilities. I must not give up when challenges arise. I must keep rolling so I can see all angles and I become a professional at being who God created me to be.

Matthew 25:14-30 English Standard Version (ESV): The Parable of the Talents