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Mothers are Important for Many Reasons But This May Be the MOST Important Reason…..

As mothers, we have the wonderful privilege of being our children’s first line of defense against diseases. According to an article on baby’s immune system development ,

“Antibodies are passed from mother to baby through the placenta during the last three months of pregnancy. This gives the baby some protection when they are born. The type and amount of antibodies passed to the baby depends on the mother’s own level of immunity…..After birth, more antibodies are passed on to the baby in colostrum and in breast milk “

This biological fact is outstanding! It shows how strategic and mindful God is. He is a God of purpose! If a mother dies in labor, she is likely to have already provided some antibodies needed for her unborn child to thrive for some months outside the womb. That’s comforting!

The warfare for our children’s future should start in the womb or before they are conceived because our children are already in a fight for their lives while in the womb.

Just like a baby’s level of immunity is dependent on momma’s immunity, their victory over spiritual battles is for a while dependent on ours. As mothers, we can’t afford to be spiritually reckless or insensitive. We must be on guard and protect our hearts and children. We must be praying mothers. While our children are still under our spiritual covering, they must not be overcomed by that which cannot overcome us. Praise be to God who causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus! 2 Corinthians 2:14

According to the previously cited article, “Babies produce their own antibodies every time they are exposed to a virus or germ, but it takes time for this immunity to fully develop. The passive immunity passed on from the mother at birth also doesn’t last long and will start to decrease in the first few weeks and months after birth.”

With time, growth and training, our children will personally be able to overcome anything that rises up against them. Their immunity will be fully developed as they are exposed to things we cannot protect them from and learn to personally use spiritual weapons to overcome the evil they are exposed to. While they are still under our spiritual covering as parents and we must teach them to also fight for their lives. This is one way we can put an end to generational curses and afflictions. We fight from victory and claim that which is rightfully ours, freedom from the curse of the law. Freedom in Christ Jesus, Alleluia!

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