What I learned From Goofing Around With The Little One

The little one has presented me with the freedom to be myself without feeling self conscious.  I make weird noises and faces to entertain him and it doesn’t matter who is watching or where I am. I just want to communicate with the little one. I don’t care if it makes me look ugly or silly in private or public spaces.

I am not alone. I see strangers, grown men and women do the weirdest things when trying to get a baby’s attention.

I believe the freedom and lack of shame we have when communicating with a baby is what God wants from you and me. God wants us to be free in His presence when everyone is watching and when we are alone with Him.

I always try to speak perfect English when communicating with God (very ridiculous). God wants me to just communicate with Him. He knows broken English and He surely knows what  I  am trying to tell Him. God wants my attention and that’s all that really matters.

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