Yesterday, I learned that I shouldn’t expect to receive more gifts/ideas/revelation from God if I am not effectively utilizing or doing all He has deposited in me so far.

Honestly, I am very guilty of living below my God-given potential. The other day I was asking God to help me in an area of my life and he nicely reminded me about what He has been telling me to do. He can’t give me further directions if I am yet to do what He previously said I should do.

This revelation made more sense after diagnosing why my baby was vomiting yesterday. The little one threw up twice after feeding. As a professional Googler, I turned to Google to find out why he was vomiting. There was no cause for alarm because the little one was playing after throwing up. I just needed to figure out what exactly was making him throw up.

I found out he was full. The cereal he had few hours earlier was yet to be processed by his digestive system. My little one was overeating. There was no room for his tiny stomach to accomodate more food. With this knowledge, I didn’t feed him despite his cues for more food. I waited for his body to digest the cereal and it surely worked. Big relief!

I find it amazing that his body has been programmed by God to automatically spew out excess food at this time of his life. When I overeat, I simply become sluggish and sleepy. I don’t vomit. Vomiting from overeating was interestingly new. There will probably be a lot of people in shape if we vomit each time we overeat.

In summary, I learned that I will keep denying myself the opportunity to grow and receive more of what God wants to release into my life If I don’t use my gifts and walk in obedience.

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