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Please Help a Christian Momma in Pakistan!

I started following Asia Bibi’s story two months ago. My husband brought her situation to my attention after signing a petition to facilitate her freedom. We prayed for Asia Bibi and donated to the cause set up for her freedom because our hearts were moved.

Asia Bibi is a fellow Christian momma who is being persecuted for her faith. According to CitizenGO, “She has been in prison since June 16, 2009, accused of the crime of breaking a Sharia-based blasphemy law. Her Muslim co-workers, who reproached her for being a Christian, brought the accusation after an argument over a drinking vessel.”. Read more HERE.  It is sad to see a group of people determined to witness the death of another in the name of religion. It is sickening to see so much hate.

Mommas, we are not helpless in this situation. We can do something. We can pray, sign a petition and/or donate to make a difference in Asia Bibi’s case. Asia Bibi’s children have gone to bed for nine years without their mother’s smile or kisses. Please join me in signing the petition to help this momma reunite with her family. SIGN THE PETITION HERE

Featured image source: Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty

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