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Through the Eyes of a Child

Anyone want to guess what my son, Carlos is pretending that big plastic spoon is? If you guessed sword, you are correct!

He has been obsessed with soldiers and swords for months now. He watched a few episodes of “Bible Man” with his siblings and now that is just about all he wants to play. 

He will turn just about ANYTHING into a sword- his crayons, the drinking straw from his cup, his toothbrush, the vacuum attachment.

It’s amazing how little children can use ordinary, everyday items and make them fun. ….

It got me thinking… how many ordinary, everyday occurrences do I take for granted, overlook, not even stop to be grateful for? 

As adults, we are so busy. We have a million things to do each day. BUT, if we slow down every now and then, and took a look around… there is so much to be grateful for! 

Take a moment today to stop and look or listen. It could change your mindset, which could ultimately change your day.

“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures forever.” I Chronicles 16:34

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