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Here’s Why Little Children Stay in the Toilet With Their Moms and What I Learned From It

So, I ‘think’ I understand why little children comfortably sit in the toilet while momma takes a dump. There isn’t much science to it. Just a little bit of critical thinking. Three possible reasons came to mind:

1. Their olfactory receptors are used to the smell of their momma’s poop.

2. Little children don’t know momma’s poop stink.

3. Little children don’t care about the smell of momma’s poop, they just want to be with momma.

I will go with 1 and 3. This is because some moms like me had to take their newborn along to the toilet since day 1.

In the German hospital where I gave birth, all new moms were told to never leave their baby unattended in the hospital. Visitors including spouses and family members couldn’t stay overnight and mommas couldn’t lock their rooms. This means the newborn goes everywhere including the toilet with momma when there is no one else around. Did you have a similar experience? Let me know in the comment section.

When we got home, there were several occasions where I found myself breastfeeding while doing number 2 and it has continued till date.

I think a lot of moms have been in my shoes. Let’s be honest. There was a time you had to or there will be a time you will have to take your child to the toilet while you do number 2…except you are Hollywood type of rich or have a 24/7 nanny, family assistance, and husband services.

My point is that little children stay in the toilet while momma takes a dump because they are used to it. It is a matter of constant exposure. They have been exposed to the smell of momma’s poop so much it has got nothing on them! In addition, they just want to be with momma and that’s all they care about.

On a side note, the smell of a baby’s poop is torture. It gets worse with the introduction of complementary food. Can someone please invent a good diaper-change mask or something??!!

Little children will continue to stay in the bathroom while their mommas do number two Until they figure out that this thing smells and it’s better to play somewhere else.

Of course, I have a lesson as usual. Just like little children can get used to the smell of momma’s poop, adults can become used to a lot of crap due to constant exposure to negative circumstances. Only spiritual and mental growth can help us realize we don’t have to accept the negative things we have been conditioned to consider normal.

Some people will continue to stay in unhealthy relationships because they are used to being treated like crap from childhood. That’s all they have known and seen. It takes consistent and deliberate mental renewal to break this toxic lifestyle and tendency.

Poverty and living from pay check to pay check will continue to be normal until we grow spiritually and realize it’s not God’s will for us to be poor. God wants us to be a blessing, it’s not enough to have just enough for you and your family. God wants us to feed the poor.

We all have a lot of growing up to do. We need to keep challenging our beliefs and thought patterns. We should not get used to stinky thinking and habits. It’s time to grow mentally and spiritually!


PS: I was motivated to share this unashamedly after a fellow momma recently told me about taking a dump while breastfeeding her newborn.

Also, I am yet to come across pictures of a child or children playing in the toilet while dad is doing his bathroom business. Bathroom privacy truly ends with motherhood.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section😉

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