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Monkey See Monkey Do

While DH and I have experienced a lot of monkey see monkey do moments with our little one, the most thrilling of them all is watching him lift up his hands when we worship. It brings me so much joy. Someday soon, the little one will understand why we lift our hands in worship and surrender to the one who loves us beyond comprehension.

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When the little one lifted up his hands with me yesterday, I remembered a daily devotional posted by my fitness coach back in April. Although the content of my coach’s post is slightly different from the primary subject of this blog post, there is an important message for everyone reading.

Destined to Reign Devotional by Joseph Prince
Photo by @lisammelara

How awesome is the content of this devotional!! I look forward to more worship moments with the little one. I bet the enemy is scared of our little ones and the unborn. No wonder he tries to kill them just like he tried to kill Jesus.

It’s victory all the way for God’s children!

Stay blessed.

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