Reblog: Why Moms Feel Lonely

The article you are about to read doesn’t merely discuss Loneliness, an issue faced by many moms. The author suggests practical and biblical ways to deal with loneliness. Enjoy this short read by a fellow momma and author- Erika Vose

Why Moms Feel Lonely

You can’t fix loneliness with being around more people.  In fact surrounding yourself with more people can even cause you to feel more lonely than before.  Why is that? Because loneliness has nothing to do with how many people you see in one day.

Loneliness is not a lack of people around us; instead it is a disconnect between our expectations of what a relationship should looks like and what it is in reality.  

When asked what they look for in a friend many people say something along the lines of “Someone who will always be there for me, someone I can be completely honest with and be honest with me, and someone who will never judge me for being me and will always speak truth.”  That is a lot of pressure to put on ONE person! No wonder so many of us are lonely we are trying to find people who do not exist to be our friends.

As women we all have a desire to be accepted and understood by other people.  We long to feel cherished and valued. Those are God given desires. God gave us those desires because He wants us to come to Him to find our value, He wants to show us how much He cherishes us.  Who better understands and accepts us than the one who created us.  The problem comes when we expect others (especially our husbands) to accept and value us the way only God can.  

God gave us a desire only He could fill because He wants us to come to Him to find our worth and our identity.

So does that mean we give up on making friends all together?  No! God created us as social beings, it does not matter if ………CONTINUE READING

2 thoughts on “Reblog: Why Moms Feel Lonely

  1. Even though my toddler keeps me super busy it feels I don’t have time to feel lonely…this article definitely spoke to my deeper need for companionship and definitely took her biblical advice to heart

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