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The Mind, The Battlefield

I had a dream last night that I feel impressed to share.

In my dream I was walking around the city. With each store I passed, my mind was being invaded with thoughts. Thoughts of hopelessness, disappointment, anxiety, insecurity, there wasn’t anything off limits. My mind was filled with thoughts of death, thoughts of affair, and thoughts of suicide. I would meet people on the street and every time I would smile but the thoughts would get louder. I did this everyday for weeks. Inside I felt like I was dying. One morning I woke up and my head was pounding. I felt the back of my head and there was a metal fragment attached. I continued searching my scalp and found fragment after fragment, I had never noticed them before. I spent hours removing the metal and with each removal my head became clearer. Once they were removed I saw attached to them little arrows. On the arrows were words. One said marriage. One said children. One said dreams. Then I woke up.

Waking up I knew the metal in the dream represented thoughts. The words were the target they were aimed for destroying. How many times does a thought enter our mind and because it is there, we think it belongs to us? We forget that the enemy aims to flood our hearts and minds so heavily with lies, that we can’t discern truth. The truth was I was never depressed or anxious but after listening to the thoughts I took that on as my identity. With each thought that stuck, physically I received a fragment in my mind.

Prophetically I see God showing us exactly where the fragments have stuck, the lies we have partnered with and He is removing them. The process of removal has been feared before, but this won’t be painful, it will bring relief. It is the freedom you have been crying out for. You may not even realize you have been wounded, you have been wearing the smile, but taking time to check your heart will show you exactly where the lie has entered. I see Jesus cleaning the wounds after the arrows are removed. No longer a symbol of pain, but a banner of freedom!

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