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Trouble in Paradise: Praying Over My Husband’s Head

Earlier today, I learned the possibility of experiencing heaven on earth in marital-relationship. So, here I am writing about what I learned recently as a wife.

Marriage and Parenting: I believe a healthy marriage makes parenting easy. So, motherhood and marital relationship work together. To the single mommas, you are the strongest women alive and God has something great planned out for you. I can’t imagine what it’s like working, doing life, and taking care of your child(ren) alone. God fathers your children and He is faithful to give them a loving earthly father if that’s what your heart desires.

Unity: The journey of motherhood is easier with an understanding, loving, and godly spouse. Two is always better than one when there is unity. So, I am constantly seeking ways to make my marriage fun and better. I am very aware of the enemy’s agenda to divide and conquer every family. But, we are victorious and we will walk in wisdom.

My Weaknesses: I confess, impatience and stubbornness are my weaknesses. Impatience combined with stubbornness can lead to “control-freak” syndrome. Sounds familiar? But hey, God is helping me with my weaknesses. My husband is very patient and doesn’t make decisions as quick as I do. So, you know what it feels like

Inter-generational history of divorce: My goal is to do what’s best for my marriage. I have a family-history of divorce or marital failure. I was an illegitimate child and I think adultery was involved. So, I constantly read Christian marriage books, listen to messages, and pray for my marriage. More importantly, I PRACTICE what I READ. In one week, I can learn what someone learned in 20 years of marriage and avoid making the mistakes others have made. Do I have fears about my marriage? Oh yes. But, I send fear packing as soon as it creeps in and I enforce my victory.

Equipping myself: Last month, I came across ➡️ Praying Over Your Husband’s Head. It is a three-day reading plan by YouVersion. The plan taught me to pray instead of arguing or trying so hard to make my husband do what I believe is right. It heightened my value for unity and God’s presence in the home (Ecclesiastes 4:12). I was reminded of the power of a praying wife. I loved the book so much, I bought a copy of the book the plan was developed from. The book is titled➡️ Prayers of Blessing over Your Husband

Screenshot from my Kindle Library

Prayer: When there is a disagreement, I don’t pray for my husband to do what I want. I pray that God gives my husband wisdom to do what’s best for the family. I have tried it several times and it works. My husband told me he’s been praying over my head too. I hundred percent believe it!

Christian Mommas, We are not helpless. Is there trouble in paradise? Pray over your husband’s head and yours too 🙂

Thank you for reading.

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