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Just Trust God

Today, I reflect on this verse from a place of trust. Knowing that God knows what His children need and He is faithful to supply.

As parents, my husband and I know and anticipate the needs of our little one. While the little one is curious and smart, he needs us to help him make the best decisions most times. He wants to play during bed time but he needs to sleep. He wants to climb up a high chair but he needs to play on the floor. He wants to wear dirty diaper and fights diaper change, but he needs diaper change. He wants to open doors/cabinets that contain hazardous products that can harm him because he is yet know how to use them appropriately. As parents, we childproof the house and do our best to keep him out of danger.

If we as humans do all these things, how much more the only one who is truly GOOD. God is the perfect father and He knows what we need.

God knows my need for wisdom, more money for me to be a blessing, spiritual insight, courage to do the right thing, and all that I need to fulfill the purpose for which I was created. He knows your needs more than you do and He is faithful to supply.

Trust God. Trust that He knows what is best for you. Trust that He cares for you. Trust that God has childproofed your life for a reason. Trust that His goodness and faithfulness will see you through. Trust that the door may be shut for a season and for a reason. Just trust God!

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