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Source of Comfort

A month ago, I weaned the little one. He was exactly 15 month-old and I think that’s good enough because I followed my momma instinct. It is great to breastfeed if one has no medical impediment. You can read more on breastfeeding by visiting the American Academy of Pediatrics website. Every mom should also be free to breastfeed for however long they choose. Two doctors somewhat shamed me for breastfeeding past 6 months. They are nice doctors with breastfeeding ideologies I disagree with.

I thought weaning meant the little one would no longer reach for my breasts. I was wrong. That’s his new way of saying “I am hungry” and “I need you to comfort me”. The little one is still reaching out for the place of comfort he has always known and it will take a while for him to adjust. His love for his daddy (he prefers his dad now, he says daddy and he is yet to say mommy) and all the good food he likes have not stopped him from reaching out for my breasts, the place of comfort he has known since he was born.

While my chest serves as a place of comfort for the little one, God is my source of comfort and His presence brings me comfort. I am glad I get to carry God’s presence everywhere and I can be comforted anywhere. I don’t have to wait till Sunday for comfort. You don’t have to wait either. The Holy-spirit, the comforter lives in me and He is there for me always.

God is our source of comfort and He wants us to never forget that. Let’s meditate on these scriptures together ♥️

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