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4 Ways to Protect your Children from Becoming Victims of Racism

Two days ago, My dear sister, kim Petitt shared her personal experience as a mother raising a Black son in the 21st Century. Please read her short post HERE. We can’t trust our governments to protect our children. They are failing every child regardless of race. While some local churches are speaking up through the One Race Movement, others have chosen to be silent. Silence speaks louder than words in this case. To be quiet when people are killed for their skin color is to be a part of the problem, a facilitator. This has been going on since the days of Martin Luther King Jr. and I believe the silence of the church inspired this quote:

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

Those who are silent ignorantly believe that they will not be affected. That’s a lie. A child who is denied access to good education, whose parents are killed or unjustly jailed, and economically affected by racial injustice may become a criminal tomorrow. They or someone they love dearly may someday have an encounter with that criminal created by racial injustice. It will be too late. Everyone should keep this in mind.

The spirit of racism is a spirit of bondage. The racist is in bondage to fear, he or she fears the potential of others to rule. The racist lives in fear and torment that another is more powerful and will take his or her place. The fear the racist feels is unfortunately being transferred. We cannot let that continue.

While we wait and fight for change, we can do the following and not allow fear to consume us:

Enforce victory over fear by resisting fear and trusting God: God hasn’t given us the spirit of bondage to fear. On that basis, we must resist the spirit of fear. Once we give in to fear, we have given the enemy a place in our lives and he can use fear to control the outcome of events. When fear creeps in, rebuke it and say these out loud: “My household belongs to Jesus”, “I am no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God”, “The enemy can’t take me out, he cannot destroy my seed”, “If God be for me, who can be against me”. Enforce your victory by renewing your mind with God’s word and making positive confessions from God’s word.

We must learn to trust God to take care of our children. The God we serve is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. We can depend on Him. I know bad things happen to good people but that’s not what God has asked us to focus on. God said we should trust and put our hope in Him and we will not be ashamed (Psalm 25:3). Let’s focus on that.

Teach children about the kingdom of God and their royal identity: When we discuss racial injustice and racism with our children, it is also very important to let them know they belong to God’s kingdom and this makes them peculiar, royal, unique, powerful, unstoppable, and a threat to the enemy (1 Peter 2:9). Let them know that the devil is very scared of them and God lives in them, so they should not live in fear.

Support non-violent groups advocating racial justice: Groups such as the One Race Movement and Live Free USA advocate racial equality in communities. They empower individuals to influence policy change and implement non-violent strategies for addressing racial injustice. This will help you pray more strategically.

Pray: Talk to God about your fears and ask Him to help you. Release those angels and God’s favor upon your children. Pray for your communities. Pray for the racists, that they will experience the love of Jesus. The truth is that it takes God’s grace and love to transform the racist mind. Pray that racists will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, that they will receive a new heart. Pray that justice will prevail as racist laws, agendas, and policies are exposed.

As for me and my house, we will not live in fear. We will pray for our communities, cities, and nations. We are not helpless. Hope and freedom is in Christ, Jesus.

I love you with the love of Christ.

Thank you for reading.

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