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Child Abuse Awareness

Few hours ago, the little one got hurt and my post for the day changed. As I consoled him and applied ice on his injury, my heart broke and I began to think of children in abusive homes. Some children no longer attend school, their place of safety away from abusive parents. Even good parents may find themselves angry, frustrated and impatient with their children this season.

An heavy weight came on me as these thoughts filled my mind. So, I prayed in the spirit till the weight was lifted. I prayed that God will expose child abusers and send help to abused children in my community. I also asked the angels of the Lord to go protect children in my community. My community was my focus because it was specifically laid on my heart.

Please join me in praying against child abuse in our communities this season. Social isolation makes it more difficult to detect emotional and physical abuse. We may not be able to knock on our neighbor’s door this season, but we can knock on heaven’s door and disrupt the devil’s agenda to hurt children (born and unborn).

God bless you.

James 1:17 ~ Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

Please check out Hasini’s post. We all need it this season.

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