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COVID-19 and Divorce

A sad news was brought to my attention yesterday- China is experiencing a high divorce rate after COVID-19 lockdown and a divorce pandemic is expected to spread globally. Social distancing has left people with no choice but to stay at home with their spouse.

Personally, staying at home with my spouse has been wonderful. We are using this period to grow in faith and plan for the future. We recently joined a Christian zoom group for married couples. There is always room for growth in every relationship.

Spending more time with our spouses certainly exposes things we have not noticed about them and things they have not noticed about us. This presents an opportunity for us to make our marital relationship stronger and work out issues. It is not time to focus on flaws and shortcomings.

If something we truly love is broken, we should fight to fix it, restore it, and there should be no shame in doing that.

Divorce is terrible and God hates divorce (Malachi 2:16). My heart particularly breaks for children who get caught up in the middle of a divorce. They get hurt more than their parents can imagine.

If this period has caused a strain in your marriage, please take time to work things out. Marital counseling services are available via telehealth, seek godly counsel, quit watching or following people that encourage divorce, and follow the truth, not your feelings.

Please check out Heart of a Wife blog. I have been blessed by the posts on Jeannie’s blog and I am sure you will also be blessed if you read with child’s heart. Also, please listen to this message on successful communication in marriage.

May God’s love rule in our hearts and home in Jesus name.

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