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Mother’s Day Disappointment

Have you ever felt disappointed on Mother’s Day? You’re not alone. Over the years, I’ve had the same feeling. Each year would be different than the next yet the underlying emotion the same. This post is dedicated to mothers who do not feel appreciated. Who else can relate to the feeling of being estranged from your adult children? Who can better understand the heartache you feel when seeing young children holding their mom’s hand while your teenager rejects yours, than another mother?

What most mothers desire is a genuine appreciation and acknowledgment of their hard work from their spouses and especially their adult children. Mothers are delighted to receive gifts from children that express their love even if it was thought about at the last minute. Mothers enjoy escaping from the routine of their day and spending time with their kids. Our culture says we “deserve” to be served and pampered and consider ourselves important for a day therefore we can become depressed when there is no surprise breakfast in bed from the hubby or not even a Happy Mother’s Day from someone’s whose snotty nose we wiped or allowed to jump in bed with us when they were scared.

Don’t get me wrong; this is not to throw shade on moms who will receive a great Mother’s Day. I still hope that for myself. But if what I want doesn’t happen, when all around me are getting theirs, the ONLY place I can find true comfort is in God. To look towards Him and remember my role is to reflect who He is. To stop worrying, there is a bigger picture than just one day. When my eyes are on my circumstances instead of Him and His purpose and plan, depression sets in.

Dear Mom experiencing disappointed on Mother’s Day—have you been in His Word lately? Have you thanked Him for His love and grace towards you? Are you looking for the blessings, rather than focusing on the process? I know you’re out there. I know I’m not the only one who wishes that their child would treat you like a Queen for a day, or even a few hours. We don’t post on social media, do we? Because we don’t want anyone to see our frustration and bitterness. Perhaps God is saying to us, “run to Me and Me alone”—and maybe that means right now living without the flowers and the loving words. In Him we’ll have a better grasp of where our true sense of  value comes from. To have a less longing for special treatment and give more of ourselves to those around us and to be more like Jesus.

After all, well done my good and faithful servant are the words I want to hear the most.

Hugs, ladies!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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