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Wohoo, It’s Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s day to the grandfathers, biological fathers, adoptive fathers, step-fathers, single fathers, foster-fathers, and spiritual fathers giving fatherhood their best.

We are grateful that you give your best even when it’s hard.

Despite your imperfections, you give us a glimpse of the perfect father, God, our heavenly father.

Thank you for staying and loving.

Thank you for providing and protecting.

Father’s day can evoke both good and bad memories…Thankfully, we have a perfect heavenly father who teaches us to forgive and help us form good memories. For he is a good good father!

To those whose hearts were broken by their father or a father figure, my prayer is that the Lord Jesus would heal your heart.

Jesus can do that for you. Psalm 147:3

To those trying their best to be good fathers but find themselves failing all the time, God can show you how to be a father. Just ask!♥️

To those godly fathers, loving on their wives and raising godly children, my prayer is that you will not grow weary of doing good.

Happy Father’s Day!

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