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Happy Father’s Day

Today we celebrate fathers around the world, and I want to encourage every Christian Momma to continue being a blessing in your homes as you raise godly children with your spouse.

Fathers have a huge responsibility to lead, provide and protect as they display the character and nature of our Lord. And we likewise have a huge responsibility to support them as we submit to their leadership and offer them unconditional respect.

Here are 10 points to pray for your children’s father as you endeavor to be their best support system:

    1.    His Love for the Lord

May he love the Lord with all his heart, soul, and strength all the days of his life.

    2.    Supernatural enlightenment

May he partner with the Holy Spirit to lead his family

    3.    Strength

May he be strong in the Lord and the power of His might

    4.    Grace and wisdom

May he function with grace and wisdom in all that he does

    5.    Faith

May his faith forever be stirred up

    6.    Divine inspiration

May he combine the power of the Spirit, talent, and hard work to provide financially

    7.    Good health

May he make the right decisions for his body to function in perfect condition

    8.    Community

May he have a community of godly friends that encourages and builds one another up

    9.    Prayer life

May he cultivate a triumphant life of prayer

    10.    Gospel spread

May he know himself in God and help others to know God

Have a blessed Father’s Day celebration!

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