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Celebrating Mary Mesikapp

Over the past two years, Mary Mesikapp has partnered with Christian Mommas to advance God’s kingdom in the family system. She serves as the Vice President of Koinonia, Christian Mommas Mentorship Discipleship Program, and contributes video and blog content regularly. She is a spiritual mother and a great encourager to everyone in her sphere of influence. Today, we celebrate her selfless commitment and encourage you to purchase her first book, “Reflections on Inspiring Light through the Cracks.”

It has been a dream of mine to share my writings in a published book with others and share what led me to Jesus! I have been blogging for a few years and as I have accumulated my written blog posts, I have felt growth in my walk with Jesus and His people. I have had trials, joys, challenges, health issues, and heartbroken moments and I have learned more and more about the importance of walking with Jesus. I hope to inspire other people to seek Him for all wisdom and guidance. We are all His beautiful people, created in Christ for a mighty purpose. This book can be accessed through Amazon. Consider a gift purchase of an ebook on Kindle for your family and friends or a paperback option. Many of my friends do not have a WordPress account. If you purchase the e-book, it is amazing: the digital copy has links to the songs I have used to tell stories in many of my posts. If you feel prompted to buy, thank you so much! If you feel prompted to leave a review on Amazon, thank you. Share the link below with friends. Regardless, You are a child of God and He wants to know you personally. We must reach out to God. God bless you!

Mary Mesikapp

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