The Beauty of Giving

Parents of little children provide almost everything needed to keep their children alive and healthy. Clothing, shelter, food, and everything essential. We all came into the world naked and dependent on our parents/caregivers. Despite being the little one’s “provider”, I get excited and feel honored when he decides to share his food or anything with […]

Let Their Voices Be Heard- My Interview with Temi of Christian Mommas Part 3

Originally posted on Jesusluvsall's Blog:
Each time I have the opportunity to interact with Temi it is a blessing for me. I am so proud of all she has accomplished in her life through Jesus’ strength and help. One of her accomplishments is her wonderful blog Today she shares what inspired her to…

4 Ways to Protect your Children from Becoming Victims of Racism

Originally posted on Christian Mommas:
Two days ago, My dear sister, kim Petitt shared her personal experience as a mother raising a Black son in the 21st Century. Please read her short post HERE. We can’t trust our governments to protect our children. They are failing every child regardless of race. While some local churches…

Mommy, Eat

About a year ago, I taught the little one to say “eat” when he wants food. Till date, he has not stopped saying “eat” whenever he is hungry and almost every morning I wake up to a small innocent voice saying “mommy, eat”…. The little one would say “mommy, eat”, “eat, eat….” or “daddy, eat” […]