5 Creative Ways You Can Still Give Your Child A Memorable Summer On A Budget

August is here and summer break is almost over. To some moms this is great news, because it means the kids will soon be off to school and no longer complaining about how bored they are. To other moms (like me), it’s somewhat sad news. Back to school means back to hectic schedules, more restrictions […]

What will you do?

What if I told you there is someone relentlessly strategizing and mobilizing a group of people to cause your child pain. What will you do? What if I told you there is someone studying your child’s tendencies, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses with the sole intent of harming your child. What will you do? What if I […]

Teething Lessons

It took almost one year for the little one to grow two front teeth. Meanwhile, he started “teething” when he was 4 months old. Teething was uncomfortable. The little one kept chewing on his fingers, teething toys, and anything mouthable. There were instances where he was grinding his gum. Interestingly, the absence of teeth didn’t […]

Dealing with Insecurities: Stay-at-Home Mom

Every woman’s life is a unique mixture of challenges, blessings, victories, goal achievements, failures, heartbreaks, divorce or marriage success and so on. Even motherhood takes on different set of values, experiences, and choices. This is because our career paths, mindsets, beliefs, and opportunities differ. Some moms enjoy the privilege of staying home full-time with their […]

Child Molestation, Sexual Abuse and the Culture of Silence in the Church

Nigeria, the most populous black nation in the world is finally having a discourse on the culture of rape and sexual abuse of children in the church. More details here In Nigeria, pastors are worshiped, the devil is blamed for sexual crimes, reporting rape makes life worse for the raped, families keep secrets of child […]