Overcoming Trauma: Freedom Walk

Developmental psychologists/theorists and gerontologists have found several connections between early childhood experiences and adulthood. Few months ago, I wrote about the impacts of childhood experiences, family history, and past experiences on child rearing and marriage. Seeking godly counsel and professional help were presented as practical ways for overcoming the Ghosts in our Marriage and Kicking […]

Child Discipline: What Does the Bible Say?

From birth and even in utero, parents shape their children’s worldview. Parents, particularly mothers play an important role in the development of their child’s superego, values, and personality. This is due to the strong tie that exists between the mother and child in infancy and early childhood. Fathers are uniquely important as well. My previous […]

You are a Gift

I used to think including people into every part of our family life was a must do. The older I get though, the more this truth becomes clear- I don’t owe anyone the gift, that is, my life. I don’t owe friendship. I don’t owe relationship to others with my children, those things are gifts. […]