Eva H.

Fast to Break Addictions

Many of us live in societies where food is for grabs at every corner. Consequently, we often eat out of habit and not real hunger. We need to make a conscious decision to fast amid a food abundance. Fasting is an ancient discipline that is not so popular in our society and even in today’s…

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Helping Children Discover Their True Identity

As we recently celebrated my oldest daughter’s 14th Birthday, I reflected on my teenage years and the challenges I faced, and the journey towards realizing who I am and who God created me to be. It is so important to instill in our children their true identity⁠—guide them to discover their true identity. Help them…

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Discerning Your Children’s Gifts

As my older children are fast approaching young adult age, I am becoming more aware of the importance of the right career choice for each of them, especially in the uncertain times we live now, where things are changing and shifting every day. I was blessed with parents and an older sister who recognized my…

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