Baby’s Food Taster and The High Priest

I ensure my baby's food is in very good condition before he consumes it. The only time I don't take on the role of a food taster for the little one is when I breastfeed him. While casually checking the temperature of my baby's water by taking a sip before handing it over to him,…

Christian parents (especially mothers), your kid is a sinner

I agree with this author. Mommas tend to believe their children are perfect and can do no wrong. Parents often find themselves in denial and pain when their children make life-changing mistakes such as unplanned pregnancy and addictions. This Reblogged article by a former youth/teen pastor teaches mommas and parents how to face reality and deal with sin in their children’s life. According to the author, “Christian parents are the most challenging to relate to because they are so blinded by their own spiritual experiences and jargon”. How true is this?!



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I’ve been fortunate enough to associate well with older and younger people alike. Throughout the years, I’ve been privileged to lend an ear to parents and to their children within the same family. I get to hear both sides of the story. This happens often in spite of the fact that I have no children of my own. The same is true with Jenny.

A father or mother would inform me what they think is wrong with their child, and when I listen to the child, the child gives me a different view of the same situation. Sometimes, those views are as varied as chalk and cheese. 

Many children who come from families where the parents are Christians find it very difficult to relate to their parents. Christian parents are the most challenging to relate to because they are so blinded by their own spiritual experiences…

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Eating our Feelings vs. Feeding our Souls

Binge eating, emotional eating, skipping meals.... why do we do these things? Pain. We are trying to numb or avoid pain. It is because we feel unloved, not valued. Many times, Food issues are our "drug of choice" when dealing with past and present hurts and fears. So, how do we find freedom from this bondage?…

God Doesn’t Love Us Equally.

I believe God does not love us equally, He loves us uniquely. I didn’t understand this until my third child. For a parent, love is not divided. Love multiplies. Each of my children awaken my motherly love in a different and unique way. My children couldn’t be any more different and the incredible thing is…

You Are What You Eat,What’s Going IN?

The little one is growing physically because he eats daily. I remember how he learned to latch properly. In fact we both learned how to latch. He lost a lot of weight before we left the hospital because I was not producing enough milk. I was in pain and clueless. I didn't want him to…

New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year!! Thanks for visiting this blog. Having New Year's Resolution(s) is a thing most people do yearly. A new year presents us with the opportunity to start afresh, adopt better lifestyles, be better people, and do things better than the previous year. This year, I want to daily keep my eyes focused on…

Ending 2018 With Gratitude Through Baby’s Pictures

As the year comes to an end, I am filled with gratitude to God for 2018. There were moments of disappointments, particularly with birthing my baby. However, I have a lot to be thankful for and I can say God never failed me in 2018. Yes!! I am ready for 2019. Thanks for visiting this blog, see you next year 🎉🎈🎈🎉🎆🎊

I Helped My Baby Poop Then God Spoke to Me

Who knew watching and helping another human poop could bring so much happiness, divine revelation and lead to a short prayer!?!? Today, I prayed "Lord help me poop, help me get rid of everything causing discomfort in my life". I was reminded of God’s desire to help His children (that's why God sent us the…

Deception 😟

Deception deception deception!! Believing something false is true. The most unfortunate thing about deception is that we don't know we are in it. We only realize we were living in deception when we come out of it. We don't know we are being deceived until we come to our senses and truth is revealed. It's…

Please Help a Christian Momma in Pakistan!

Mommas, we are not helpless in this situation. We can do something. We can pray, sign a petition and/or donate to make a difference in Asia Bibi's case. Asia Bibi's children have gone to bed for nine years without their mother's smile or kisses. That's way too long!

Milestones Lesson 2: One Reason NOT to Worry About Needs

The changes I have seen the little one go through are pointers to the fact that God knows our needs and He is able to provide all we need exactly when we need them. Teething, babbling, crawling, and other baby milestones occur exactly when they become important. My son's teeth are not visible at the…

How a Momma’s Partnership With God Freed Her Teenage Daughter From a Toxic Relationship

It was a drawn-out elongated journey where the beginning of a dating relationship with a boyfriend began to slowly change my daughter. When a teenager becomes quiet and stays in that distance, to me that meant her mind was loud and busy. For a young daughter to go from doing her hair and putting thought into her style of clothes to just putting her hair up in a bun and wearing lounge around clothes. Something was wrong!

Mommas, what are you stirring up in your home?

As a wife and a mother I spend a lot of the time making sure everyone is taken care of and things are accomplished. I am in the daily details, but if at the end of the day the things I am reflecting are ugly and poisoned I am doing no-one any good by having a clean house and folded laundry.

What to Do When Our Kids Give Us Feedback

My child is only making baby sounds right now but I must have this in my parenting tool box because he will surely talk. Here is a good read on how parents can handle "talking back". Perhaps we should call it "feedback" :   My husband and I were working on a project around the…

10 Things You Need to Know About Adoption and Foster Care.

From parental termination to the celebration of adoption you will cry, laugh, hurt, and cry some more. It will crush your heart to see the pain of a mother walking away while simultaneously planting love as you step in. Don’t allow yourself to judge anyone or any situation. You don’t know as much as you think. If you aren’t sure what to do, do the thing that scares you the most. Hope is a vital part of this process.

One Reason Babies Vomit and What I learned From It

The little one threw up twice after feeding. As a professional Googler, I turned to Google to find out why he was vomiting..... I learned that I shouldn't expect to receive more gifts/ideas/revelation from God if I am not effectively utilizing or doing all He has deposited in me so far....

What I learned From Goofing Around With The Little One

My baby has presented me with the freedom to be myself without feeling self conscious.  I make weird noises and faces to entertain him and it doesn't matter who is watching or where I am. I just want to communicate with my baby. I don't care if it makes me look ugly or silly in private or public spaces...........

Baby Fell off the Bed

I heard the sound of a fall while making my way back to the room. My heart sunk. It started beating fast but I couldn't and didn't panic..........Perhaps, choosing not to panic or express fear as a new mom is God's strategic way of preparing me to live fearless in every area of my life.

Lessons From Breastfeeding and Complementary Feeding🍼🥛🍜

My baby's transition from solely needing breastfeeding/breastmilk to complementary feeding is a call to spiritual growth for me. It also reminds me of the scripture where Paul chastised some believers for not growing spiritually.

Mothers are Important for Many Reasons But This May Be the MOST Important Reason…..

"Antibodies are passed from mother to baby through the placenta during the last three months of pregnancy. This gives the baby some protection when they are born. The type and amount of antibodies passed to the baby depends on the mother’s own level of immunity......" While our children are still under our spiritual covering, they must not be overcomed by that which cannot overcome us!

Learning Forgiveness and Patience From the Little One ❤

It's hard, difficult and pointless to be mad at my baby because he is yet to develop the ability to differentiate between wrong and right. In fact, he smiles when I tell him he has done something wrong. Forgiveness becomes easy when we understand that those who have wronged us or hurt us do not truly know what they are doing........

My Biggest Fear about Having Children and How I Overcame It

This past weekend, I visited a sister-friend who gave birth to a baby boy three weeks ago. She shared her concern about raising a child in this cold/evil world. I had the same fear and concern in July, so I could relate. We discussed the fact that our generation is faced with raising children in a more complex world compared to generations before us.