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Are you a new, future, or an experienced mom with a strong desire to walk with God in motherhood? This 8-day devotional will help you get started and build a solid foundation. Filled with Biblical principles, 8 faith declarations, and brief references to the author’s military experience, you will be empowered to think strategically like a soldier and fight passionately like a mother.
Are you a new, future, or an experienced mom with a strong desire to walk with God in motherhood? This 3-day devotional adapted from the book- A Christian Mother’s Creed will help you get started. You will learn how to become an influential mother, put God first in motherhood, think like a soldier, leave a legacy of faith for your children, and practice kingdom-centered mothering.

In four days, you will gain a deeper understanding of God’s love for women. Temi Michael-O shares how Eve’s redemption and Mary’s Good Friday grief reveal God’s love. As you study and meditate on the scriptures referenced in this plan, hope will arise in you and your mind will be trained to recognize the lies of the enemy.
It has been said that there are 365 instances of “fear not” in the Bible. Fear tells us: our children will be victims of hate crimes, injustice, and all forms of evil. However, the Bible, the Word of Truth and Love, tells us to think the best, not the worst. In this plan, Temi Michael-O shares practical, spiritual ways to overcome racial trauma, and anxiety in motherhood. Be free indeed!

Temi Michael-O shares three powerful ways to express gratitude to God for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
New beginnings come with excitement and hope for the future. Yet, they leave us with questions, and we wonder about many things. Journey with Temi Michael-O as she shares scriptures and stories to encourage you and address your wonders as you begin your faith adventure.

Favor may be unmerited, but it is not received or experienced by chance. In this 4-Day study on Queen Esther’s life of favor, Temi Michael-O guides readers through the works of faith or actions that positioned Esther for favor with God and people. As you take the time to meditate on the assigned scriptures, you will be empowered to live in the realm of favor.
Children’s emotions are information for us to help lead them well, not punish, shame, or ignore them. Join Sara Hall as she shares how to lead children through anger, disappointment, grief and loss, and anxiety.

Journey with Temi Michael-O as she shares biblical mindfulness practices to help you grow in faith while caring for your newborn. You will learn how to live in the here and now and rise above anxiety as a new or expectant parent.
The desire of most parents is to give their children a better childhood experience. However, many find it difficult to accomplish this goal due to the ghosts in their nurseries- intergenerational issues. In this plan, Temi Michael-O shares spiritual ways to destroy the cycle of intergenerational trauma. You will learn how to build a strong spiritual and emotional foundation in the early years of parenthood.
Regarding Jesus, Luke 2:51 (NLT) says, “Then he returned to Nazareth with them and was obedient to them. And his mother stored all these things in her heart.” Joseph and Mary were responsible for parenting Jesus. They modeled how to train up a child in the way he should go. In this plan, Temi Michael-O shares lessons from Joseph and Mary’s journey to parenthood.
How can you rise above fear, depression, and anxiety as a new or expecting mom? Join Temi Michael-O as she shares how Mary, the mother of Jesus, modeled how to take charge of spiritual and emotional wellness in the perinatal period.

Tamar was traumatized, abused, rejected, and she committed incest. Yet, God saw it fit to have her in Jesus’ lineage. As one who speaks to the intergenerational transmission of trauma, Temi Michael-O shares the story of Tamar through the lens of trauma and the redemptive power of grace. This four- day plan reminds us that we matter to God and God is not ashamed of our story.
Mindfulness is essential for our emotional and spiritual well-being. It isn’t just something we do 15 minutes or 1 hour a day. Temi Michael-O shares practical ways to practice empathy, use it as a tool for comforting the hurting world and strengthening parent-child relationships. You will learn how to be present with God and be purposeful in your actions.

Journey with Temi Michael-O to explore three things Christians must not forget.
The story of the first and only sister-wives recorded in the Bible teaches us that the challenges we face in relationships are not new and God’s standard is perfect. This 5-day plan addresses how to avoid unnecessary heartaches and overcome the comparison trap in relationships.

Join U.S. Army veteran, Dr. Temi Michael-O, as she shares how to use spiritual truths to master your body and overcome food addictions.
Learn how to put your faith to work and turn hopeless situations around. As you explore the experiences of three women who received back their dead by resurrection, you will be empowered to rest in the compassion of Jesus and live a life of possibilities.

Thanksgiving holiday brings both joy and conflict when family members or relatives gather together. In this 5-day plan, Temi Michael-O shares how to fight for family this Thanksgiving and beyond. You will learn how to manage conflict, share the gospel, and keep your love on as you celebrate Thanksgiving.
Anna’s adventurous life of faith leading up to her meeting with Jesus is summed up in three powerful Bible verses. Journey with Temi Michael-O as she shares lessons from Anna’s selfless life. You will learn how to serve God with prayer and fasting and turn tragedy into ministry.


Luke 1:38 says, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” Those simple and powerful words were spoken by Mary, the mother of Jesus. They reveal Mary’s identity and the power of radical faith. In this plan, Temi Michael-O shares powerful lessons from Luke 1:38.
“In ALL things, give thanks” is an invitation to live a life of rest in God’s faithfulness and mercy in good and challenging times. In this plan, Temi Michael-O shares thanksgiving lessons from the life of Jesus and Paul. You will be empowered to live a life of thanksgiving in every season.

We all have visible and invisible scars which can make us feel imperfect or tainted. What might happen if we began to look at our scars with new eyes? In this plan, Temi Michael-O shares practical spiritual ways to re-purpose challenges, visible scars, pain, or traumatic experiences.
In this 3-day plan, Temi Michael-O shares key lessons from Zacharias’s encounter with angel Gabriel, spiritual revelation on the power of words, and prayer points adapted from scriptures. You will be empowered to think and speak life.

The actions of loved ones, church folks, and unbelievers can leave us feeling offended. We take offense and give offense. When offense lingers long enough, it leads to unforgiveness, bitterness, and a legion of negative emotions. In this plan, Temi Michael-O shares how to overcome church hurt and live unoffendable by examining the life and writings of Paul.
The Bible is not just a book of principles. The Bible is a breathing book that gives life and power to those who treasure it. The Bible is Alive! Journey with Temi Michael-O for a short study on Hebrews 4:12.

You prayed for healing, but nothing happened. You expected to taste God’s blessings, but all you can taste today is dirt. You were sure God loved you, but now you’re afraid He has abandoned you. Join Sara Hall as she boldly shares her story of disappointment. You will learn how to taste something other than dirt and come out closer to God instead of abandoning your faith.
God’s angel announced Jesus’ birth with a testimony, and Jesus used a testimony to reassure John that He was indeed the Messiah. These events prove that testimonies are powerful. In this plan, Temi Michael-O shares how to harness the power of testimony for oneself and others.
The Covid-19 healing testimony shared in this 5-day plan will encourage you to trust God in every season. You will learn practical spiritual ways to guard your heart, protect your home, overcome anxiety and depression, and shine God’s light in the darkness.
The Covid-19 healing testimony shared in this 5-day plan will encourage you to trust God in every season. Temi Michael-O shares spiritual lessons from her battle with covid-19 and encouragement for difficult times.

Many of us cry when a situation moves our hearts. Some issues moved the heart of Jesus, and He wept. As followers of Jesus, whatever moves His heart must move our hearts also. Join Temi Michael-O as she shares lessons and words of comfort from the moments Jesus Wept in the Bible. You will learn how to embrace God’s comfort and manifest His nature of comfort.
What can Christians do amid persecution? Pray and encourage one another. In this Plan, Temi Michael-O shares warfare prayers and words of encouragement from the Book of Acts to win the battle against the enemies of the gospel.

Feeling incompetent, depressed, or anxious as a new parent? These feelings are common. Filled with inspirational testimonies and Bible verses, this devotional can help you overcome negative feelings experienced by new parents. You will grow in faith and learn how to strengthen your relationship with your newborn.
In Luke 18:16, Jesus said the kingdom of God belongs to those who are childlike. Jesus’ statement implies that the little ones around us can help us understand the faith life and God’s heart. Journey with Temi Michael-O as she draws a parallel between the life of faith and early childhood. You will learn how to become childlike at heart, not childish.
This plan is a call to prayer for the little ones in our communities and an invitation to a selfless faith life modeled by Jesus. Temi Michael-O shares some Biblical benefits of intercessory prayer and fasting. You will engage in powerful moments of intercessory prayers to destroy the enemy’s agendas against the glorious future of children.
Grief is an inevitable part of our human experience. Thankfully, the great physician who heals broken hearts and bodies has written letters of comfort and hope to help us navigate grief. While this plan was written for parents grieving pregnancy or infant loss, anyone experiencing grief will find comfort and hope in the scriptures referenced in this plan. Join Temi Michael-O for 5-Day biblical mindfulness practices for navigating grief.
What can you do when your child’s words and behavior communicate: “I reject you, your values, and your God?” In this plan, Kim Petitt shares scriptures for navigating seasons of rupture in parent-child relationships. You will learn how to keep hope alive while you wait for reconciliation and your child’s return to God.
After praying a decade to have a child, God answered Mary Mesikapp and her family’s prayer through open adoption. Based on decades of open adoption experience and relationships with birthmothers, Mary Mesikapp shares spiritual lessons and encouragement for birthmothers, adoptive parents, and individuals considering adoption.

Journey with Christian Mommas for 5 days of reflection on Christmas scriptures that will position you to celebrate the wonder of Christmas daily.
Having difficulty seeing the good in unpleasant and unexpected situations? Do you feel like you have nothing to be thankful for due to the waves of challenges you have experienced so far? This three-day plan by Emem Washington and Temi Michael-O will guide you through reflective processes that can help you develop an attitude of thanksgiving and count your blessings in all circumstances.
In this 3-day plan, Temi Michael-O shares how to honor God in decision-making processes- this Halloween and every day. You will learn the importance of seeking God’s will consistently. Read with an open heart and let the Lord guide your decisions.
The role of a mother is to support fathering and the role of a father is to support mothering. Dads, journey with Michael Griego, a seasoned father and grandfather as he shares scriptures, prayer points, and 5 essentials for great and effective fatherhood. Moms, journey with Temi Michael-O as she shares prayer points and scriptures to pray over the father of your children or fathers in your lives.


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