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Poop Lesson

Who knew watching and helping another human poop could bring so much happiness, divine revelation and lead to a short prayer!?!? Today, I prayed “Lord help me poop, help me get rid of everything causing discomfort in my life”. I was reminded of God’s desire to help His children (that’s why God sent us the Holy Spirit, our helper). I was reminded of God’s willingness to intervene when we cry out to Him.  All these spiritual things happened after I helped my baby poop. . .

Since the introduction of complementary food, the little one’s bowel movements require extra effort such as grunting, sweating and crying. I helped him poop today after watching him struggle and cry while trying to get things moving on his own. The little one was uncomfortable because he was constipated and he needed help to get rid of that which was causing him pain and discomfort. I had to do something because crying while trying to poop isn’t natural. I don’t want to go into much details about what I did to help the little one poop. Wet wipes and massage were involved… 

The poop situation reminded me that God, the good father is in the business of getting rid of the nasties or mess in our lives. Sin, curses, wrong doctrines, and bad habits are nasty like poop. We need God to help us get rid of them. The Holy Spirit, our comforter is available to make life comfortable for us. We only need to ask for help like my baby cried out and moved my heart to do something immediately.  

I pray that we will not become comfortable with sin and evil in our lives. I pray that anything causing us pain/discomfort will be taken away by the Lord’s mighty hands. I pray that we will experience the comfort the Holy Spirit brings.  Amen.

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