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Balancing Life: God, Marriage, Motherhood, Work, PhD, Blogging and more

Minutes ago, I received a very personal and timely email. The message brought me peace and calm. I believe it will bring you comfort and encouragement.

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This message is timely because I have been working on ways to balance all my responsibilities without leaving out the God-factor which holds everything together. I find myself in this state each time I take on a new role or responsibility. My favorite line in the message is “bring your authentic self to God” and I believe this is an all season word for everyone.

Dear brothers and sisters, we don’t have to put up a show before our heavenly father. Do whatever you need to do to stay connected with your source everyday. Play worship songs, read your Bible, read a book, listen to messages, etc. Just stay conscious of God’s presence and goodness.

God sees your heart for Him!

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