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When ALL Else Fails

This was not the post I planned to publish today, but this is where I found myself few hours ago as a mother. I felt like screaming and crying after spending almost 3 hours trying to put the little one to sleep.

I had a paper to write with little time to spare. Spouse traveled for work. I am partially on a single mom mode. The little one had no clue. He sang, talked, and tried to soothe himself switching hands in his mouth. After all these, he started crying. It was a confusing scene.

Screaming at night was not an option and crying would confuse the little one. I could only do two things. I asked God to help me, and I asked the little one “you want food?” He stopped crying, lifted up his head and nodded.

Maybe I should have asked earlier.

This reminds me of the common statement that, “when all else fails, pray”. That’s a messed up statement. TALK to GOD before other things fail, and TRY GOD before other things. ASK GOD first. It saves one from unnecessary stress and heartache.

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