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He calls me Mommy!

Mommy, Mommy, Mommy“…It sounds so good in my ears. May I never lose this excitement. I was told that hearing mommy repeatedly for 20 seconds gets on mommy’s nerves later on in life. Well, I will cherish this moment and hope it does not get on my nerves later on in life.

I am still in awe of many things. Perhaps, providing therapy for children with developmental disorders/delays makes me appreciate what a typically developing child does. Some moms would give anything to hear their children say a word. Do not take your child’s ability to communicate and do basic things of life for granted, please.

It has taken longer than expected for the little one to call me mommy. He said baba and daddy before saying mommy. True story, the little one called me babe for a while instead of mommy. Simply because that is what he hears my spouse call me. Be careful what you say around those little children. They know many things and learn quick.

After a short period of verbal correction, the little one now calls me mommy. He says it with so much joy, I feel it in my soul. He says mommy like he finally discovered how to get my attention and connect with me in a new way. He says mommy like he finally knows who I am. As we grow together, the word mother or mommy would have more meaning to the little one.

I cannot help but reflect on the fact that we get to call God, father. Even as I write, my heart is full of joy that I get to call the creator of the world, father. I have no clue what my earthly father looked like, but I know who has been my father even before I was born. Hearing the little one call me mommy has ignited more excitement and value for the use of the word, father when I pray. I feel privileged, powerful, blessed and unstoppable.

No wonder the Lord’s prayer starts with “our father” (Matthew 6:9). Knowing God as one’s father takes one’s relationship with God into another dimension. It gives one a sense of belonging in God’s family. oh my Father! Abba Father! Heavenly Father! Even writing those words excite me.

Think about the first time your child called you mommy, how did you feel?

Take a moment, think about the fact that you get to call God, father. How do you feel?

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