He calls me Mommy!

Mommy, Mommy, Mommy“…It sounds so good in my ears. May I never lose this excitement. I was told that hearing mommy repeatedly for 20 seconds gets on mommy’s nerves later on in life. Well, I will cherish this moment and hope it does not get on my nerves later on in life.

I am still in awe of many things. Perhaps, providing therapy for children with developmental disorders/delays makes me appreciate what a typically developing child does. Some moms would give anything to hear their children say a word. Do not take your child’s ability to communicate and do basic things of life for granted, please.

It has taken longer than expected for the little one to call me mommy. He said baba and daddy before saying mommy. True story, the little one called me babe for a while instead of mommy. Simply because that is what he hears my spouse call me. Be careful what you say around those little children. They know many things and learn quick.

After a short period of verbal correction, the little one now calls me mommy. He says it with so much joy, I feel it in my soul. He says mommy like he finally discovered how to get my attention and connect with me in a new way. He says mommy like he finally knows who I am. As we grow together, the word mother or mommy would have more meaning to the little one.

I cannot help but reflect on the fact that we get to call God, father. Even as I write, my heart is full of joy that I get to call the creator of the world, father. I have no clue what my earthly father looked like, but I know who has been my father even before I was born. Hearing the little one call me mommy has ignited more excitement and value for the use of the word, father when I pray. I feel privileged, powerful, blessed and unstoppable.

No wonder the Lord’s prayer starts with “our father” (Matthew 6:9). Knowing God as one’s father takes one’s relationship with God into another dimension. It gives one a sense of belonging in God’s family. oh my Father! Abba Father! Heavenly Father! Even writing those words excite me.

Think about the first time your child called you mommy, how did you feel?

Take a moment, think about the fact that you get to call God, father. How do you feel?


  1. Wow, this post really filled my heart up and brought me to tears! I take for granted the privilege of calling our Precious Creator, Father. Thanks for the warm, rich reminder.

    I’m also privileged in that both our children are typically developed, and the thing I try to not take for granted is time with them. I used to miss them so much when they were at school! We homeschool now, and I couldn’t be more grateful!!

  2. My baby may not be able to talk much yet but I am thankful for this post of yours. Why? You nights ask….

    It’s simple, it’s because there are so many nonverbal kids who may be mute, have autism, or a multitude of other things outside of their control to where they can’t communicate. Some people don’t understand the power in someone’s voice and word and what it can mean to others in their lives.

  3. Thank you for the reminder! Hearing our 4 year old and 2 year old say mommy like a record on repeat does wear at me at times but you are so right! I will count blessings! And how funny, our daughter called my husband babe for a while too. It was so cute!

  4. Aww I loved the fact that your child called you babe. That is so cute. It seems like a lot of babies tend to say daddy first. Maybe mothers need to start saying momma a lot so that they can start uttering that first. Awesome post. Every moment should be cherished whether young or old 😊

  5. This post pulled on my heart strings for so many different reasons. Mamas—cherish your children. Sometimes I wish I could go back and hold my son as an infant. I wish I could smell his skin and hold him just a little longer. I wish I could be still and feel that moment just one more time. When I think about my son back in his toddler years, I smile. How and where has the time gone?! I can remember this little boy and here is a man where my sweet little boy used to be.

    I thank my Heavenly Father for allowing me to be his mother and entrusting me to be a steward over him. Until we see Him as Father we will have problems relating to God. I remember when I would pray I would see God as a Father, but a distant kind of Father, who lived in another state. I thought of Him someone who wanted to just criticize me or that He was always angry with me. I realized that I saw God through the lens of how I saw my natural father, someone who was never there for me. I felt rejected and so I thought God would reject me too. But, I’m not just a servant of God, I’m His daughter!

    1. Awww! So sweet. My right brain tingled while reading your first paragraph.
      Yes, the experience we have with our earthly fathers impacts our perception of God as a father.
      Thank you for your insightful comment.

  6. Love this share sis. Your son is so adorable – “babe” 😁
    Yes, God loves and desires us to see Him as our father and be free to come to and call upon Him at any point in time. His arms always outstretched to receive us – so much warmth!. 😊

  7. Such a sweet post! Very heart warming! It’s hilarious that he called you babe for a while! What a precious memory! Thank you for the reminder to not take the kids’ learning etc for granted! It truly is a remarkable blessing!!

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