A Mother’s Prayer for Her Children

Mommas, please take a moment and pray this prayer over your children. Very powerful! This is what praying the scriptures looks like. Many thanks to Mr. Michael Griego for sharing this prayer with us. I will keep praying this. Also checkout A Wife’s Prayer for Her Husband. What a blessing! 🙏

Biblical Viewpoint

Are we applying this power to the little ones we love and hold dear? Have you ever prayed words of Scripture over your children? This mother does. ◊

A couple of years into her marriage, my daughter shared with me a series of Bible verses that she faithfully compiled together into a prayer for her husband. I was so struck by it that I asked her permission to highlight it in a Biblical Viewpoint post.1 No doubt every man and household would be blessed to have such powerful words of Scripture prayed over him by his own wife.

She then felt compelled to go through the same process for her young children. She shared this new compilation of common Bible verses in a prayer for her own children. I’ve received permission to share it here. I do so as an encouragement to all of us who acknowledge…

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What are your thoughts on Prenatal Yoga?

Please share your thoughts on prenatal yoga and yoga generally. I am a perinatal consultant, trained postpartum doula and New Parent Educator, so I get to work with families before and after the birth of their babies. While networking with birth professionals, I came across Kundalini yoga and meditation. I did a little research and…

Back to the Basics 2

Yesterday, I wrote about how this season has shifted our focus back to what matters, God and family. Please check the post here. As I reflected further, it began to click even more that this season is a wake up call for the body of Christ. We have gone the ways of the world, tolerating…

Thoughts on Parenting 101


The Stay at home mom life: He is my Healer

When I had my babies, one of the hardest things for me as a mother was when they began to fall sick. By God’s grace, my children are healthy. But when they do fall sick, it often brings to my mind parents of children with serious life threatening illnesses, and disabilities, and my heartbreaks for them. The pain they go through as parents is something My God knows all too well....

The Theology of Adoption: The Needy and the Needed

There are no words to describe how excited I was to reblog this post. Robin urges Christians to think about Adoption. Since we were adopted into the family of God, we should extend the love and opportunity God has given us to children in need of a home. We can start by giving to orphanages but we can go beyond that and give those children a family, a home. James 1:27 says “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” Perhaps, some of us are scared to bring a child with a history of trauma into our homes. We must look beyond that and see these children how God sees them. These children can experience a new life, their stories can be re-written when love is poured into them. My dear friends, think about adoption! Enjoy Robin’s inspirational post! Stay blessed.

The wife & times of Reverend Wootton

November is National Adoption month. There has been a plethora of sources and blog posts daily on my Facebook news feed. Huffpost, among others, has been diving headfirst into the fray with their series, trying to be balanced in their opinions, but mostly being conservative, as expected. What makes me saddest, is the total lack of evangelical voices. Not the ones who like to paint everything with sugar and roses, but the ones who take a big step back. Christians MUST think about adoption. Christians, who are pursuing the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ DO think about adoption daily. Here’s some of what I mean.

If a Christian adoptee is having struggles with bitterness, chances are she has struggles with Christianity as a concept. But it probably isn’t her fault. It may be a result of poor communication from other Christians who are largely ignorant of adoption as a…

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4 Ways to Protect your Children from Becoming Victims of Racism

Two days ago, My dear sister, kim Petitt shared her personal experience as a mother raising a Black son in the 21st Century. Please read her short post HERE. We can't trust our governments to protect our children. They are failing every child regardless of race. While some local churches are speaking up through the…

Mommy, Why don’t we celebrate Halloween?

The goal of this post isn't to condemn Christians who celebrate Halloween. My intention is to help Mommas/parents who don't want their family to participate in Halloween or don't know if it's okay to join the celebration. We spread love and truth on this blog. This book is available on Amazon. It helped me understand…

The Stay at home mom life: A season of intimacy with God

I am a wife and mother of 2 wonderful boys: a 3 year old and an 11 month old. It has taken me 4 years to say that with dignity and gratitude. 4 years of repenting, cleansing, molding before the Lord, to truly own up that role of a stay at home mother. 4 years…

How Early Childhood Experiences Shaped My Personality and Parenting Style

I grew up being a perfectionist, often times to avoid criticism from within the family. As an adult it carried over to my everyday life. Its caused problems in my workplace and relationships. Which carried over into areas of uncertainty in the form of self-doubt. I sought out affirmations from everyone and anyone.....

The Mind, The Battlefield

I had a dream last night that I feel impressed to share. In my dream I was walking around the city. With each store I passed, my mind was being invaded with thoughts. Thoughts of hopelessness, disappointment, anxiety, insecurity, there wasn’t anything off limits. My mind was filled with thoughts of death, thoughts of affair,…

Bringing a Smile to Mommy’s Face

One of my greatest pleasures as a mom is that my baby girl thinks I am the funniest human ever. My smile is contagious and her face lights up when I'm happy. When she sees me happy, she starts giggling and doing her jiggly dance. It works both ways as well. My heart swells with…


For mommas/parents homeschooling their children and those thinking about it, Brenda, the author of this article has some encouraging words and testimony for you. If God is leading you in this direction, don’t be afraid to go for it. God is your source and He knows what is best for your children. Trust Him!
Thank God for the ability to homeschool in the United States. This is indisputably one of the top benefits of living in the United States. Enjoy this inspiring article!

Becoming HIS Tapestry

Hey friends, how are you today? It has been raining since Sunday.The Lord and I talked about that, this morning.Of course, He already knew, but I thought I would just remind Him that it has been dark, gloomy, dreary and rainy since Sunday.I said I would be most grateful for a sunny, 70° Tuesday, instead of a rainy, 42° one, but He said, “Look up, child”.

‘still cloudy, Lord, but I will be thankful in spite of the clouds”

So, I did, and I said, ‘thank you, Lord for the rain.I will wear my boots instead of my opened toes heels and my umbrella and I’m sure it will be a good day. I will be thankful, it isn’t snowing.What’s the weather like, in your neck of the woods?

Did you know kids are a gift from God Almighty Himself? In spite of the circumstances surrounding their birth; all kids…

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Unplanned is next on my “to watch” list. I enjoyed reading this review by Anne and Brooke. I encourage every mom to check out this amazing blog for teen girls. To call abortion a human right is to classify the unborn as not human or non-living things. Mommas, let’s raise or voices and do something about the unjust killing of babies.

Anne & Brooke

“I Knew You Before I Formed You In Your Mother’s Womb, Before You Were Born I Set You Apart.” ~Jeremiah 1:5 NLT

The Pureflix film, just newly released March 29 of this year, is the true story of Abbey Johnson, the youngest director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas.

Even after working for Planned Parenthood for over 8 years, Abbey had never actually seen an abortion procedure, even though she had had two of her own. Until this particular time where she was asked to assist in an ultrasound guided abortion.

Abbey administered the ultrasound, as instructed by the abortionist doctor, only to be horrified as the tiny baby on the screen was ripped from it’s mother’s womb, despite the baby’s weak efforts to fight for it 13 week old life.

This is Abbey’s story of her gullible belief that abortion was a woman’s right because a baby wasn’t…

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Easter Reflections

Please fill in the blanks below using one of options provided for each blank space. Newborn babies are perfectly (i) _______________, as yet unable to be concerned for others, or even to understand the difference between themselves and the world around them. As young children mature, they make the (ii) ________________ discovery that other people…

Stroller Testimony: If it Matters to You, it Matters to God

God has a humorous way of showing us He cares. My prayer is that my testimony will encourage you to trust God with your life and open your eyes to this truth, You Matter To God! https://videopress.com/v/g56Dl1x8 And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid; you are more valuable…

Reblog:The Season of ‘No’

Wonderful spiritual lesson by another Christian momma raising a toddler. My little one is only 9-month-old but I am already using the words, “Don’t” and “no”. One major take-away from this article is that God doesn’t keep things from us, He keeps them for us. This is why patience is important in our walk with God, parenting and doing life. Jess encourages us to accept the fact that some prayers we tag ‘unanswered’ or ‘NO’ from God may be for our good. Personally, the beauty of every NO is that they challenge me to seek God’s best in every situation. Enjoy this short article and be blessed!

“We don’t swim in the toilet!” No.

“Don’t feed your breakfast to the dog!” No.

“Don’t eat MY breakfast!” No.

“Don’t pee on the floor!” No.

Whew! You guessed it: these are some commonly overheard phrases in my home. Life with a toddler- what a season! Some days I feel like all I do is utter the word ‘no’ to her in one way or another. It’s a frustration to constantly speak it, but I can, in fact, accurately imagine that it’s frustrating to be on the receiving end of that word as well.

But why do I tell her no, or forbid her from doing things? Is it because I’m a big ol’ bully who just wants to be boss? Of course not. I don’t let her splash in the toilet because, germs. I don’t let her feed the dog because she needs the fuel herself. I don’t let…

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7 Things the Bible Says About Parenting

Hello, I finished the 7 Things the Bible Says About Parenting Bible reading plan from @YouVersion! Check it out here: http://bible.com/r/2IS I was blessed by this FREE reading plan and I believe you will also be blessed by it! Feel free to leave a review here after completing the plan.