What are your thoughts on Prenatal Yoga?

Please share your thoughts on prenatal yoga and yoga generally. I am a perinatal consultant, trained postpartum doula and New Parent Educator, so I get to work with families before and after the birth of their babies. While networking with birth professionals, I came across Kundalini yoga and meditation. I did a little research and it got me concerned for Christians doing yoga. I am aware that people use yoga for relaxation, but when does yoga become the worship of gods/demons? What types of yoga would you advice pregnant women and Christian families to avoid? What books would you recommend to help educate Christian families on the history of yoga? What are your thoughts on this article I found? My goal is to educate my clients/families, not force my views/beliefs on them.

Your comments are highly appreciated.

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  1. Hi Temi :
    It is wonderful that you are helping young families !

    I have also struggled with the issue of whether or not Christians should be doing yoga.
    It seems like great exercise, with all those wonderful stretches!
    So, I researched everything I could on line, and consulted with other Christians, and the general consensus was, NO, Christians should not be doing a yoga practise, as yoga is a Hindu spiritual practise.

    I appreciate your desire to find out the truth about yoga.
    However, I did not consult with anyone of the Hindu faith. A Hindu, I believe would be a good person to ask what yoga is actually all about.

    I wear Lululemon yoga pants, but I do not practise yoga. 🤗🌷

    1. Thank you grandma Sally. I appreciate your detailed response. It would be great to learn more from a Hindu or connect with a Christian who used to practice Hindu. I hope to find someone soon. I like your sense of humor, yoga pants are very comfortable to wear. I love you grandma!

      1. Thanks, so much, Temi !
        I really wanted to do yoga, and had a mat ready and everything, but then decided not too.
        But, yes, I agree, it would be great to get more information from a Hindu who practises yoga. 🌷🤗

  2. I have one thought and that is NO. No yoga (relaxation or any kind) of any form should ever be practiced in a Christian home or be recommended by a Christian. I am sorry for my sternness but Yoga is dangerous and it is does not relax a person it enslaves one’s soul. Every position is a form of worship whether it’s “Chi”
    Or other rubbish, it is rooted in worship of idols.

    I was a Buddhist for 19 years but I also worshiped and made vows to Hindu Gods. When I went through healing and deliverance to cleanse my self from such isolators, one of the biggest deep seated spirits that I was delivered from was the kundalini spirit also called the python, serpent or leviathan Spirit. As I was being prayed for I felt it coiling around my spine, causing me immense pain as it struggled under the work of the Holy Spirit. It tormented me for months, and once I was completely delivered I experienced freedom in the Lord like never before. And I HAD NEVER PRACTICED YOGA in my life, but just worship there Hindu idols. So that should tell you where yoga comes from and how dangerous it is.

    Relaxation for a Christian comes from the Lord. How you relax is by not worrying. How you not worry is in Matthew 6. And of course stretch your muscles, go for walks, eat a well
    Balanced meal and be a good Steward of the body (the temple of the HS) God has mercifully given you and trust all your cares with him. That’s how you relax.

    I apologise for the severity of my response. But I cannot stress on how dangerous yoga really is.

  3. I have read about the dangers of practicing yoga and would not recommend it. I appreciate the response of the readers especially Hassini who shared her testimony. To God be the glory. Many of these practices that appear innocent can create a stronghold in our lives. God bless you my friend for the wonderful work that you are doing.

    1. Amen. Thank you! I learned a lot from the comments as well. Yes, we should not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy. While we have the liberty to do many things, we must not take our liberty for granted.

  4. Great post and the comments are so informative…I’ve done yoga in the past and truly felt connected to God during that quiet time BUT oddly enough felt a sense of uncomfort or guilt (like I wonder if this is okay to be doing)….soooo over the past fourish months I’ve let it go….I do miss the deep relaxation I felt but at the same time that sense of guilt just makes it awkward and perhaps not worth “the risk”….I have heard of a Christian yoga instructor that teaches yoga online and utilizes worship/scripture as she teaches…have never paid for her classes but I’m aware that she offers them and she intentionally connects yoga to God (deep breathing, focusing on Him)

    1. Thank you! Yes, I learned a lot from the comments as well. I also feel troubled in my spirit when I get involved in something wrong. It becomes easy to continue doing the wrong thing once I keep ignoring my troubled spirit. My heart also becomes hardened. May our hearts not become hardened against the truth. I am glad you were able to weigh the risk. ❤🙏