Christian Mommas App Launch Giveaway!

Yay to app launch giveaway!! From August 1 to December 31, 2022, each week, 3 mommas will win one of the following Mental health scriptures cards Christian Mommas Tees A Christian Mother’s Creed book Organic Cosmetics e-perinatal reflective journal for new and expecting mommas Psychospiritual parenting courses To participate: Download Christian Mommas App Create an […]

Christian Mommas Official App Launch Day!

It is fitting to start with a short testimony about Christian Mommas app. Last September, some youths in my church launched an app. I rejoiced with them and was led to sow into their ministry monthly.  I obeyed God. Eleven months later, the Christian Mommas app is happening. What we make happen for others, God […]

Celebrate Christian Mommas App Launch With Us On Monday!

Hi friends, I want you to be one of the first ones to know that the Christian Mommas App is available in Google and Apple app stores!! woohoo! We will celebrate on Monday. Pray with us, and stay tuned for more details. With this app, we will stay connected daily and scale new heights together. […]

Sacred Moments: Holy Communion

About two weeks ago, I was lying sick in bed. My first little one knew he had to do something to help me feel better. So, he left the room to get a meal for me. He returned to the room with the holy communion, prayed over the communion, broke the bread, and gave me […]

Hello and Updates

Hi friends, I hope you all are doing well. I have been missing in action mainly because Christian Mommas is launching an app next month. I will share more about it in another post. A lot of time is being invested to facilitate the process, and we still have the mom mentorship-discipleship program impacting families. […]

It’s Okay to Love America Today and Everyday

Happy Independence Day, America! I love this great nation. Despite her imperfections, the United States is a symbol of hope and freedom due to her Judeo-Christian-values informed constitution. Mommas, let’s raise children who love their country of residence. That’s an important way to lay a foundation for them to prosper and have peace where they […]

Summertime Shine

Each summer brings opportunities for social gatherings, extended travels, and moments of reprieve and relaxation. Summer is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Growing up as a “Cali Girl,” there was never an absence of things to do and places to go, especially in the summertime. Although summer as a child looks very […]

Are You Working On Your Marriage?

But Jesus answered them, “My Father has been working until now [He has never ceased working], and I too am working. John 5:17 (AMP) I am not sure I have attended a marriage seminar since I got married. Other events usually get in the way. Ultimately, it reflects my priority. Last Saturday, my local church […]

A Day to Rejoice & Arise

Today, the United States Supreme Court reversed a law that resulted in the murder of millions of innocent babies for 50 years. I see the enemy in anguish as more women will no longer deal with the guilt and anguish of abortion, and children who will terrorize the enemy’s kingdom will live to accomplish their […]

Preventing Paternal Postpartum Depression

Paternal Postpartum Depression (PPD) is estimated to affect one in ten men. It is predominantly caused by stress, and the risk for paternal postpartum depression doubles when the child’s mother develops a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder. I believe it is crucial to address PPD in the discourse about supporting fathers because Paternal Postpartum Depression […]

Happy Father’s Day

Today we celebrate fathers around the world, and I want to encourage every Christian Momma to continue being a blessing in your homes as you raise godly children with your spouse. Fathers have a huge responsibility to lead, provide and protect as they display the character and nature of our Lord. And we likewise have […]


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