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Celebrating Sisterhood

Today, I am taking a moment to celebrate and support my sister in the faith, fellow momma and blogger- Alicia. While I am yet to meet Alicia in person, I have met her virtually. However, this pales in comparison to the strong spiritual connection we share. The blood of Jesus flows through our veins. For […]

Celebrating Friendship

Posted this on my personal Facebook page, so i thought to share here as well.. I don’t have words to describe how I felt seeing my dear friend rock a shirt I designed. I am blessed to have this lady in my life (Proverbs 18:24).. You can purchase this shirt and other gifts for expectant […]

Celebrating Grandparents

I did not get to post this on National Grandparents Day, September 13th. Better late than never…Whenever I see grandparents with their grandchildren, I smile because grandparents are: Graceful: Grandparents do not only carry themselves with grace, they extend grace to their grandchildren. Perhaps, their life experience and walk with God makes them more graceful. […]

The Meaning of True Love

It is important to teach our children about the love of God all year around. Valentine’s Day approaching right around the corner also gives us a great opportunity to teach our children about “true love.” Not the conditional love the world shows, not Eros (romantic love) or even Storge (family love). We can use Valentine’s […]

The Little Ones

In Luke 18:16, Jesus said the kingdom of God belongs to those who are childlike. Jesus’ statement implies that the little ones around us can help us understand the faith life and God’s heart. In The Little Ones devotional, I drew a parallel between the life of faith and early childhood. You will learn how […]


Mindfulness is the key to emotional and spiritual health. It is essential for thriving in systems that resist diversity and social equity. If we want stronger families, relationships, organizations and communities, we must practice mindfulness. How can we use mindfulness to accomplish these things, boost our self esteem and work performance? How can we practice […]

I am Mindful of You

I am currently writing a paper on mindful parenting from the moment of conception. So I thought to take a moment and remind you that our Father in heaven is always mindful of you. He was mindful of us before our conception and He will forever be mindful of us. God, the creator of the […]

Postpartum Weight Loss Et 2020 Health and Fitness Goals

My postpartum weight loss journey started five months postpartum, after getting a medical approval. My postpartum body was not glamorous. I went from being military fit to being chubby. I can remember crying as I checked my weight, took pictures and body measurements for my fitness coach’s…..

Covid-19 and Breast-milk

Originally posted on Christian Mommas:
As mothers, we have the wonderful privilege of being our children’s first line of defense against diseases. According to an article on baby’s immune system development , “Antibodies are passed from mother to baby through the?placenta?during the last?three months of pregnancy. This gives the baby some protection when they are…

My Personal Testimony: Infertility and Miscarriage

So…… I was recently asked to share my testimony about God’s faithfulness through fertility issues and miscarriage… Honestly, I didn’t feel like it. It’s painful. It’s vulnerable. It’s not a happy topic. While I have shared these deep scars with other sisters in private, it’s not something I have ever done “publicly.” Partly, it is […]


You are reading this today because I was not aborted by my late mom despite external pressure. To me, abortion is personal and it is a matter of faith. My views on this subject is not based on politics or popular opinion. This post is for the mom considering aborting her unborn due to financial […]

Mom Guilt

Like one who has lost her soul, I ran away from the one I love. I just could not take it anymore. My body wanted to rest, but a little human was in the way. So, off to the closet I went with my blanket. The quiet and freedom from the needs of another human […]

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