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The Middle Finger

Recently, I gave someone the middle finger. My family slowed down while entering a circle or round about, as a courtesy to allow another driver pass through. The driver behind us honked at us within seconds. I found it irritating. I turned around to look at the honking driver and she gave me the middle […]

A Christian Momma…..

One of our most important roles as Christian mothers is helping our children grow into functional disciples of Christ. It involves so much more than just taking them to church on Sunday. We play a critical role in our child’s discipleship process; we are also responsible for evangelizing to our children. Having daily Bible studies […]

My Self-care Routine: Homeschool Mama of 5

I get asked all the time, “How do you find time to take care of yourself while raising 5 little ones and homeschooling?” Truth is, we make time for whatever is important to us.  Our physical bodies need attention just like souls do. If we want to be healthy spiritually,  we need daily nourishment through […]

U.S. Elections 2020

As we exercise the right to vote for the future of our children in the United States- born and unborn, let’s mind the state of our heart and attitude towards those whose beliefs and perspectives about the upcoming election differ from ours. Do you cringe when you see President Trump or former Vice President, Joe […]

Six Things Children Need to Know About Sex

My attention was brought to recent statistics on the impact of promiscuity on teenagers in the United kingdom. It would not be a surprise if this statistic exists in other nations. I was heartbroken for children affected. They really do not know what they are doing. I believe promiscuity, fornication, and every sexual sin are […]

Six Things To Do Before The Year Ends

Before the year ends, take a moment and thank God for the gift of life. You may not have accomplished your goals, but you have life in you. Being alive is an accomplishment, celebrate it! Before the year ends, close your eyes and think about the heartbreaking moments and disappointments you felt this year. Thank […]

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