A Mother’s Prayer for Her Children

Mommas, please take a moment and pray this prayer over your children. Very powerful! This is what praying the scriptures looks like. Many thanks to Mr. Michael Griego for sharing this prayer with us. I will keep praying this. Also checkout A Wife’s Prayer for Her Husband. What a blessing! 🙏

Biblical Viewpoint

Are we applying this power to the little ones we love and hold dear? Have you ever prayed words of Scripture over your children? This mother does. ◊

A couple of years into her marriage, my daughter shared with me a series of Bible verses that she faithfully compiled together into a prayer for her husband. I was so struck by it that I asked her permission to highlight it in a Biblical Viewpoint post.1 No doubt every man and household would be blessed to have such powerful words of Scripture prayed over him by his own wife.

She then felt compelled to go through the same process for her young children. She shared this new compilation of common Bible verses in a prayer for her own children. I’ve received permission to share it here. I do so as an encouragement to all of us who acknowledge…

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