4 Ways to Protect your Children from Becoming Victims of Racism

Two days ago, My dear sister, kim Petitt shared her personal experience as a mother raising a Black son in the 21st Century. Please read her short post HERE. We can't trust our governments to protect our children. They are failing every child regardless of race. While some local churches are speaking up through the…

Christian Stories and Resources For Children

This blog post is a response to the individual(s) who visited this blog to search for "Christian story on the the sheep hear my voice and follow me for children" and "Christian story for children". Fellow bloggers, please help these individuals by leaving suggestions and links in the comment section below. Here are few suggestions:…

Training My 10-Month-Old Infant

Some may argue that my attempts are futile as she cannot understand what I am saying. However does that stop parents from talking to their babies? Isn't it from our talk, describing the world around them and constantly telling them who daddy and mummy is that our baby's first words come from those s/he hears the most. We are already training our babies in so many areas: eating, using a car seat, table manners, talking, walking, biting is bad and so on.

Prayer Challenge: Day 5

Wow! It's the third month of the year already and the last day of the 5 days of prayer for my children challenge. Day 5 of the reading plan encourages us to study our children. This will help us pray uniquely or specifically for each child and build a good parent-child relationship. We are wrapping…

Prayer Challenge: Day 2

Voice Note 1 with text below ♡ Hi everyone. Thanks for Uhmm taking time to listen to this voice note and following this blog. I am very grateful for you, thankful for you. Yeah. So,this is day 2 of the prayer challenge and I decided to Uhm leave a voice note since I am not…

Black History Celebration: Beauty in Our Differences

I, without thinking grabbed a dark brown crayon and started coloring the girl's skin. Without skipping a beat, the little boy asked me why I would use that ugly brown color because my real skin was so nice and white. I didn't know if I wanted to cry or hug him more in that moment.

Through the Eyes of a Child

Anyone want to guess what my son, Carlos is pretending that big plastic spoon is? If you guessed sword, you are correct! He has been obsessed with soldiers and swords for months now. He watched a few episodes of “Bible Man” with his siblings and now that is just about all he wants to play. …

New York Abortion Law: Where I Find Myself

I will wage war for life, but I cannot justify trampling the wounded on the way to the battle. I must keep my heart at a place that I will stand for truth, but also be willing to run across the street for the broken carrying the weight of her choice. When I forget how to do both, then I fall into dangerous territory myself.

Milestones Lesson 2: One Reason NOT to Worry About Needs

The changes I have seen the little one go through are pointers to the fact that God knows our needs and He is able to provide all we need exactly when we need them. Teething, babbling, crawling, and other baby milestones occur exactly when they become important. My son's teeth are not visible at the…

Baby Fell off the Bed

I heard the sound of a fall while making my way back to the room. My heart sunk. It started beating fast but I couldn't and didn't panic..........Perhaps, choosing not to panic or express fear as a new mom is God's strategic way of preparing me to live fearless in every area of my life.