Prayer Challenge: Day 2

Voice Note 1 with text below ♡

Hi everyone. Thanks for Uhmm taking time to listen to this voice note and following this blog.

I am very grateful for you, thankful for you. Yeah. So,this is day 2 of the prayer challenge and I decided to Uhm leave a voice note since I am not worried about my accent anymore.Yay!

So and also shout out to Namaste for you know, providing the motivation for me to do this because I wanted to do it last Monday and then I saw her doing it. I’m like OK let me just go ahead and do it so it’s not a bad thing after all Eh, Yea.

So, day 2 of the Prayer Challenge. My goal is to Uhm, encourage parents to pray for their children. It doesn’t matter how bad things may look like, God is still in the business of answering prayers.

So I will be posting Uhm YouTube messages that have blessed Uhm me. yes. so it just gonna be short clips so uhmm you can always go back and listen to the full message . but just short clips more like snippets from you know different messages that encourages us as parents to pray so yeah we can do that.

We can listen to those messages in addition to using the prayer plan I posted yesterday so that’s the plan. Alright,thanks for following my blog and thanks for listening. God bless you and have a fantastic Tuesday!

Click here for full message on YouTube – Max Lucado – Fearless parenting