Prayer Challenge: 5 Days of Prayer for my Children

Photo by YouVersion

I started this reading plan today and thought it would be better to challenge other parents to join me.

Yes, I know most of you pray for your children everyday and praying for our children should not be just a 5 day thing.

However, it would/may be beneficial to check out this reading plan because it helps us refocus on God’s biblical promises for our children and ourselves as parents.

I did a quick overview of the plan and noted a few things. One amazing thing about this reading/prayer plan is that the authors provide real life stories of parenting problems and how they were solved. The plan challenges parents to enter into a place of intimacy with God as this will help them guide their children to do the same. The plan provides an opportunity for readers to pray the scripture, it fosters family fellowship time, and inspires a sense of gratitude in parenting.

I love this plan already. I am excited to complete it and continue practicing the act of praying for my children.

Thanks for reading. Join me on this 5-day adventure.

Stay Blessed and enjoy!


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