Let Their Voices Be Heard- My Interview with Temi of Christian Mommas Part 4

This post is perfect for this day. Are you transferring trauma to your children? Why is it difficult for African-Americans to “get over it!”? How is trauma transferred from one generation to another? I addressed these questions in my 4th blog series with papa Matt. Please watch this video, read the post, and let us hear your thoughts. Our children deserve only the best from us. Be blessed! 🙏❤


  1. Great post. It is very enlightening. I myself use to think that we should get over it without realizing that it is a transfer of trauma. Thank you for sharing your life experiences with us.

    1. Your comment touched my heart. Yes, slavery, colonialism, and racism have traumatic effects. If our ancestors did not deal with their trauma the right way, it goes down the lineage. Some ancestors dealt with trauma positively and passed down resilience. I am thankful that God heals every trauma.

  2. I think you are amazing! I can learn a lot from you. My grandchildren are mixed and we have had many talks about racism and slavery. I can already see their confusion when they see things on TV. Being white I have not experienced this kind of trauma. Thank you for being so inspiring Temi!

    1. Thank you for reading and reflecting with me. ❤
      The situation is indeed confusing. It is difficult to describe. In all, we will win because the human race is much more than color and we can become resilient through support. Your grandchildren are blessed to have you! ❤

  3. I look forward to learning, reading and experiencing more of this journey! The notion of getting over racism is interesting in light of all that is occurring in our world! Perhaps the wording is simplistic for a reason! However, letting God handle racism is more faith based than getting over it as I find it upsetting for people who have not experienced racism to use the phase “get over it” as if racism is akin to a cold!! I do believe all things can be overcome with God and I pray this is the approach you refer to in your communication (book/blog). Racism is a continuous evil that sadly impacts our world as with so many other forms of discrimination and rudeness. It is truly only with God that I can stand and only His grace can I muster the strength to stay Christ-like on a daily basis. God is an awesome God to love us despite our sin! We need more love and He gave us Jesus!

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