Are you Focusing on Your Strengths?

There are two popular interventions for children with developmental disorders- Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and the Developmental Individual-Differences Relationship Based model (DIR or DIR/Floortime). While I practice behavior analysis on my job, my doctoral program advocates the DIR model which suites my personality. The focus on parent-child relationship in the therapeutic process draws me to […]

Back to School Prayer of Thanksgiving for Our Children

As we send our children back to school this new year, let’s start the school year strong with the prayer of thanksgiving (an act of prophetic confession) over our children (you may replace the word child with your child or children’s name): Heavenly father, thank you for your protection over my child. Thank you for […]

Testimony Time: Breakthrough after a Decade of Stagnancy

This post has nothing to do with my motherhood experience. However, future moms going through a season of infertility may find this post encouraging. My hope is that this testimony would lift the spirit of someone in despair, feeling stagnant, like God has forgotten you. Everyone is celebrating a new year but you feel like […]

Repeating Commands to a Toddler

“Nooo, don’t go there”, “Don’t touch…mummy said, don’t touch!”, “Don’t throw”, “come back here please”, “hold mummy’s hand”….. These are common phrases I find myself repeating countless times a day to my charming, energetic toddler. While writing this post, she was chattering away in baby language. She also played with a standing fan I have […]