Wake Up!

“Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you” (Ephesians 5:14)

How much more will it take before the Church wakes up and open her mouth? What kind of a future are we preparing for our children?

Every time I pray about all that is happening in the world right now, I feel responsible. There is a constant reminder to ask God for mercy for the church, because we who are called to be the salt and light of the world have failed. We have withdrawn ourselves from important social issues, condemned those that needed help and hope, and surrounded ourselves with like-minded folks in our comfy little Christian home. Jesus came to save the lost and did not hesitate to go to their homes and speak with those who needed to hear the truth. He had conversations. He was intentional, and focused in speaking into the lives of people, pointing them towards Him who fulfills them through and through. He was kind and gracious, but also uncompromising in speaking the truth no matter who was in the audience. He was stern, and often argued with those that claim to be righteous. He exposed the true intentions of the hearts, and when he could, He withdrew to a quiet place to be with His Father, who fills Him so that he may do it all over again.

The mandate He gave us is not different from what He did. He modeled it for us, so that we can follow. But we did not. The church got too passive, too polite, too politically correct, accumulating the “moral rubbish” of the world, and fell asleep. And now here we are. People are fighting their own countrymen, frustrated over having no one to speak for them, to fight for them, to represent them. Women who were given the greatest gift of all, the ability to bear children, are fighting over when the right time is to kill a baby. The sacredness of marriage between a man and woman is completely lost, and children are robbed of their God given identity. Language is being stripped of society defining words like mother, father, man and woman. How much more will it take before the Church wakes up and open her mouth? What kind of a future are we preparing for our children?

Words have power. With a Word, God created the heavens and earth. You have a voice to speak the truth, to speak hope, to have conversations, to show mercy, and point people towards the one person that everyone is truly looking for- Jesus who fills us all in all. Nothing can ever be achieved through violence, but Jesus achieved the salvation of all, when he laid his life down. So lay down your pride, your fears, your passivity, and use your God given wisdom, mercy and gifts to speak into the lives of others in your sphere of influence. Because if you don’t, then this world truly has no hope, and will continue to erode at this accelerated pace. Live according to your convictions, and not according to popular opinion. So stand, and be courageous, for God is with you always equipping you to do every good work. Speak the truth when the opportunity arises unashamedly, uncompromisingly. Open conversations where you can, because no matter what people say, deep down in their hearts they are looking for hope and truth. And when they reject you, ridicule you, persecute you, rejoice and move on, and continue as Jesus did (Philippians 1:21). Because the days are evil and time is running out.

You know the truth. You know WHO IS truth, and you know HIM who is the answer to every question. You know the moral standard that brings true justice, freedom, purpose, and fulfillment to all. You have an obligation to do something with that truth. So, say something, speak up for what is right and just in the eyes of God and resist the plans of satan who only wants to kill, steal and destroy. Speak up for what is just, in schools, in playgroups, in home groups, and wherever God leads you. God will give you strength and the words to say. He will give you wisdom to discern the times so that you may know what you can do to further His Kingdom. Each of us has a unique purpose. A unique gift that God has given you that you alone can use. He will hold us accountable in the end, so let’s make sure we have an account to give. It is time, for the church to remember her mandate once more, and be intentional, active, merciful and truthful no matter the cost.

Oh Abraham would raise his hands;

And mourn this very day;

For his children left the promise land;

In search of their own way.

They kick and scream like wayward sons;

And always wanting to sleep;

And dream away these evil days;

In hopes that God can’t see.

There are chains upon your children Lord;

Chains upon your children.

There are chains upon your children Lord;

Chains upon your children.

Your suffering will come again;

And never fall away.

For we trade our many comforts;

Like the ones who bled for grace.

There will come a day my God will come;

And put me in my place.

My God I pray;

You’ll call my name;

Instead of turn away.

Do you hear the lion roar?

(Awake O Sleeper)

Stand with me we’ll fight the war.

(Awake O Sleeper)

Let no man bring me harm;

I bear the marks of Jesus.

Let no man bring me harm;

I bear the marks of the Lord.

Do you hear the lion roar?

(Awake O Sleeper)

(Artist: The Brothers Bright, Sung by Jeremy Camp)

God have mercy on us. God help us.

To Him be the glory forevermore!

PS: “Fighting for social justice” is a phrase that has been on my mind lately. I have been thinking and wondering about what that looks like for me, for a believer. I found two articles- Nothing less than justice and Only Christians understand true social justice; they were very helpful to understand, and I pray they may bless you too.


  1. I agree that we as people need to start acting more like Christians outside of church. We can say that the church isn’t doing it’s responsibility (aka leadership, pastors, elders) but we can’t just say they were the problems. The one thing I may disagree slightly about is these things have always been an issue. Abortion, corruption, immortality, and those things alike have always been here in this world….We just see them more because we have the ability to have technology.

    1. Yes I agree with you sis. I do agree that the church is not entirely the problem, and that these problems have always been there. As long as sun exists there is always gonna be that problem. As Solomon says there is nothing new under the sun. But becoming more aware of it should in turn make the church more active in doing what she was called to do. Before it was perhaps known less, so easier to avoid, but now with technology we see more, know more, and I turn we should do more.

  2. I found your post truly refreshing and full of hope. My “Amen”s resound throughout. This morning I wrote these words in my morning pages: – combining eschatology with social action…cross and crown, conflict and reconciliation, overcoming evil with good, unselfish love and witness without compromise. I want to live this way. Amen.