Reblog: What Christianity Means to My Family

Today, the little one prayed for me. It was the best moment of my day. I told him my stomach was hurting and he said “First we need to pray. It is well with you in Jesus name.” I have no words to describe what it felt like. I am glad he knows we need to call on God first when in pain. This post came to mind while reflecting on our interaction. So, I decided to reblog it. Also, I started teaching the little one how to pray for his friends. Raising an intercessor right now. I am not writing this to boast in my parenting. In fact, I always remind myself that I am not humanly smart enough to parent. God is helping me do this thing called parenting. My desire and prayer is that my children will serve the God who has been good to me. I want them to also enjoy the peace and joy I have in Jesus Christ. I have many challenges but I have peace and hope in every situation.


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