Thoughts on New Year’s Plans, Goals and Vision

COVID-19 cannot and has not ruined 2020. It may have reshaped how we do life, but it doesn’t have the power to mess up the lives of those in God’s kingdom. This post is being reblogged because I am enjoying the benefits of starting 2020 with a “God, interrupt my plans and lead me” mindset and attitude. It is only kind to testify and encourage you to join me. Be blessed and face the remaining half of 2020 with hope and trust in God!

Christian Mommas

I wrote a 2019 final post but it was not published due to mommy duties. It ended up being deleted. Little children have a special way of throwing their parent’s plans out the window. The little one has interrupted my plans countless times. Now, I make plans with consideration and accommodation for his ability to interrupt my plans. This reminds me of God watching us make new year plans. I can imagine God saying “my child, that’s a great plan”, “my child, there is a better plan”……………

As we make plans for the new year, let us commit our ways to God and open our hearts to receive God’s best for us this year. Let us bring ourselves to a place of surrender to God’s perfect plan and beautiful interventions.

Let us choose divine interruption of our plans. We have a choice, God’s perfect will and plan or our…

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2020 with God

Half the year is gone, just like that! The current pandemic definitely changed many things about how we do life. It revealed the weaknesses in all systems and the fragility of life. While assisting the little one up the stairs yesterday, I was reminded that we would always need God. We will never be self…

Simple Like a Child

Simply dependent Simply vulnerable Simply trusting Simply loving That's what I want to see when I interact with the little ones all around me. Beyond and greater than those "problem behaviors" is their need for guidance. Like a sheep simply in need of a shepherd. I choose to stay childlike in my relationship with God.…

Thankful for the Little One

As I watch the little one sleep peacefully, my heart is filled with joy and gratitude. I miss him more when he goes to sleep, but I also look forward to him going to bed. I am thankful for the little one. He is a precious gift from God. God uses him to help me…

Learning Forgiveness and Patience From the Little One ❤

This week began with a call to walk in forgiveness and I had to live the Word I received. I experienced the pain of a broken heart. You know, those who are closest to us have the power to break our hearts because we expect more from them. I had a choice, to cry out and ask the Comforter for help OR live in unforgiveness by holding back love from the one who hurt me. I chose the former. Unforgiveness breeds bitterness and hinders prayers. Unforgiveness holds one captive. With tears and in pain, I asked God to do what only He can do, heal my broken heart. God answered and when I think about the one who hurt me, I do not see the betrayal or feel the pain. I see a soul in need of redemption. I see a soul Jesus died for and I pray for the one who hurt me. I learned that it was okay to feel the pain of a broken heart because I would never learn to forgive without it. After my experience, I remembered this old post and decided to share it. Be blessed!♥️ God heals broken hearts. God commands us to forgive. It is not a suggestion and His commandments are not grievous.

Christian Mommas

The little one has developed new habits. He randomly screams like he is trying to say something or sing (my husband thinks the little one is testing the functionality of his vocal cords). He wakes up in the middle of the night for ‘playtime’ (this is perhaps due to frequent flying and his body’s adjustment to timezone changes). He moves a lot during diaper change (this makes diaper change a struggle between mother and son). He grabs my phone and interrupts my texts. He pinches me so hard it hurts and occasionally chews my nipples. He pulls my hair so hard it hurts.

Sometimes, I get a little bit upset about these new developments. However, most times I simply go with the flow and enjoy the moment. I am grateful for the privilege to be his mother. It’s hard, difficult and pointless to be mad at my baby because he…

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How Abuse Changed My Life…For the Good!

Every parent should read Sandie’s blog. She discusses her experience as a mom of an abused child and offers ways to both prevent child abuse and heal after child-abuse takes place. Please read her blog and pass it on. I do not go days without declaring over the little one “you will not be raped or molested, you will not be sexually perverted”. My little one is only two and he already knows to say “No, stop it” when someone touches his private areas. I cannot count the number of times I have cried for abused children and felt a righteous indignation against child abusers. So, I pray and create more awareness by sharing posts like this. Join me in praying and raising more awareness. Child abuse is real and we must fight!

Sandie Barrios

I’m the mother of an abused child. 

While the abuse happened outside my home and far from my view or awareness, it often feels as if I carry full responsibility. I struggle with guilt and, if I’m honest, sometimes I struggle will condemnation.  These things aside, however, I can look back and tell you at LEAST three ways it changed my life for the better. I hope someone can be encouraged by this.. that there is truly light that pierces the darkness when we place our hope in Christ.

So, what good could possibly come from such a horrendous thing? Read on, my friend:

1. A Renewed Awareness

Some may think this isn’t necessarily a positive thing, but I am convinced it is. Like it or not, the statistics of child sexual abuse are horribly astounding. Before I walked through the shadows with my child, I had very little idea…

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Quick Reflection: First Two Years of Motherhood

Two years of loving, learning, and growing perfectly sums up my motherhood experience so far. LOVING: Two years of pouring out my love on the little one and other children. LEARNING: Two years of learning from the little one, for the little one and every child in the world. GROWING: Two years of spiritual, mental,…

A Black Mom With A Message Of Comfort

My son will be 21 years old this month and as much as I look forward to this new phase in his life, I can’t help but grieve for the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Joao Pedro and countless others who will never get to see their sons grow into young men. All the first experiences…

My Son and Servant

The little one is fast becoming a more responsible member of the family. I have honestly been waiting for him to run errands around the house. He is both a son and a servant in the house. He helps with his laundry, brings the TV remote (very important 😂😂), and helps with other minor chores.…

4 Ways to Protect your Children from Becoming Victims of Racism

In light of the racial tension in the United States and the giant of fear weighing on the hearts of African-American mothers, it is important to reblog this post. Mothers, we have a role to play in the fight against racism. Since racism is learned, we need to teach our children to treat everyone with love and respect regardless of their race. Quit sowing seeds of hate and racial bias in your home. Let’s do a heart-check and ask God to rid us of pride and the sin of racism.

Christian Mommas

Two days ago, My dear sister, kim Petitt shared her personal experience as a mother raising a Black son in the 21st Century. Please read her short postHERE. We can’t trust our governments to protect our children. They are failing every child regardless of race. While some local churches are speaking up through the One Race Movement, others have chosen to be silent. Silence speaks louder than words in this case. To be quiet when people are killed for their skin color is to be a part of the problem, a facilitator. This has been going on since the days of Martin Luther King Jr. and I believe the silence of the church inspired this quote:

In the End, we will remember not the words ofourenemies, butthe silence of our friends.

Those who are silent ignorantly believe that they will not be affected. That’s a…

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Thank You!

Dear friends, I apologize for the unintended breaks and irregularities in blogging this month. COVID-19 has interrupted my regular schedule. I am a stay-at-home mom once again. This requires giving the little one a lot of attention while balancing other aspects of life. I wonder how moms of two or more kids manage their schedule.…

For the Moms – “Our Life in Words” with Temi Michael-O

Dear friends, please read this short and encouraging post I was featured in. There are other great stories to read on
I would like to hear and learn from you all as well: What is one nugget of advice you would give to other moms?

Marked Life

Temi and I connected through the blogging world – and I’m so happy that we did. Ministering to Moms is one of the divine gifts she has been given, and her written work has certainly ministered to me! Today, Temi talks about the ways she shows love, her advice to other Moms, and more. Temi, thank you for allowing us a glimpse into your life in words.

How many children do you have?1

How old are your children?About 2 years.

Are you a mom of girls, boys, or both?Boy.

How do you show love to your child?

Being present and attending are two ways I show love to my child.

When my little one seeks my attention, I attend to him and do my best to be present.

I show him that he matters more than my laptop and cellphone. I keep studying my little…

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day to every woman with the heart of a mother. Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank you for the comfort you give. Thank you for fighting for the lives of children. May you always be celebrated! To the moms and children grieving this season, my heart grieves with you. May your sorrow be…

Mother’s Day Disappointment

Have you ever felt disappointed on Mother’s Day? You’re not alone. Over the years, I’ve had the same feeling. Each year would be different than the next yet the underlying emotion the same. This post is dedicated to mothers who do not feel appreciated. Who else can relate to the feeling of being estranged from…

Mother’s Day Giveaway 🥳

How are you preparing for Mother's day this year? In celebration of Mother's day, I will be giving away 10 copies of A Christian Mother's Creed in eBook format. This giveaway was sponsored by someone who believes A Christian Mother's Creed should be owned by every Christian mother. To participate in the giveaway, simply leave…

Divine Intervention

When we think of divine intervention, it is easy to imagine God intervening for us to breakthrough or do the impossible. I believe that divine intervention also occurs when we are about to take steps or make decisions that can ruin our lives. As the little one continues to assert his independence, I am learning…

Mothers and Grandmothers…

I read this powerful post a few days ago. If you have read my new book, A Christian Mother’s Creed, I briefly discussed the contagious faith of Timothy’s mother and grandmother. The author of this post did an excellent job describing the challenges Timothy’s mother and grandmother faced as Christians and their influence on Timothy. This is a great read for every Christian mother and grandmother. We are influencers! Enjoy.

Encouragement Ministry

mothers and grandmothersMothers and Grandmothers…

Mothers and Grandmothers make a significant influence and impression on their children and grandchildren.  Many times, dads are working, so moms have hours with their children to talk, teach, love, feed, clean, play, etc. with them.  As mothers and grandmothers teach them about Jesus, the Bible, godly character, and prayer, they are leaving a genuine faith legacy to be learned and followed.

Many children learn visually and do what their mothers and grandmothers do by mimicking them.  As a child watches them bake chocolate chip cookies, he learns.  When he watches her tell someone about Jesus, he watches, listen, and learns.  When he watches them read their Bible, care about others, or pray, he is learning and mimicking what he learned.  The best way to teach your child to love Jesus as his Savior and to have a genuine faith is by having one also.

Paul told…

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Celebrate Yourself

if you live for the approval of others, you will die by their rejection - Rick Warren The little one likes to praise himself. He often tells himself "good boy", "yay" and he claps for himself. He celebrates his accomplishments even when we, his parents are not available to celebrate. As we begin a new month, I…

For the Moms – "Our Life in Words" Series

Dear friends, I am excited to be a part of this awesome project. As we prepare for Mother’s Day 2020, let’s take the time to learn from one another and support this project by following Hannah Smith’s amazing blog. Do not miss the opportunity to read the stories she will be sharing. Stay blessed!

Marked Life

This series is for the Moms!

In honor of Mothers, this May will be chock full of real stories of Motherhood. Join me as I feature different Moms each week, who will so graciously be sharing their life in words.

A role often taken for granted. A job that never ends. A devotion that involves the will and all the emotions. We are Moms…

For the Moms - Our Life in Words

I was feeling so much anticipation and excitement as I filled my roster with questions for the 20+ Moms who would be featured on this month-long project. Some of the women have been doing this Mom thing for 5 decades – that’s right; 50 years! There are a variety of cultures, ages, and backgrounds to glean from. There is so much value and insight throughout this series, that EVERYONE is guaranteed to receive something!

I have the honor of personally knowing mostly all of the beautiful…

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Encourage Yourself

It is amazing that self-regulation is the first functional emotional capacity humans typically develop in the first months of life. Self-regulation can be described as the ability to calm oneself in strange situations. I like how the ICDL website beautifully describes and links the baby's first experience and self-regulation: After nine months in darkness, a…

Child-ish Vs. Child-like 2

I have a bottle of activated charcoal in the cabinet because the little one still likes to explore with his mouth. I thought he would have outgrown this by now. I was wrong. When the little one is suddenly quiet, we know he is up to something he should not be doing. I bet other…