Postpartum Weight Loss Et 2020 Health and Fitness Goals

Wow! I started writing this post on January 7, 2019. Thank God I am alive to complete it today. That’s an accomplishment. There is still time to finish up that project or start something new before the year ends.

Yesterday, I started a workout plan and remembered this unfinished post.

My postpartum weight loss journey started five months postpartum, after getting a medical approval. My postpartum body was not glamorous. I went from being military fit to being chubby. I can remember crying as I checked my weight, took pictures and body measurements for my fitness coach’s record. It was hard but necessary. My coach needed those measurements and pictures to keep me accountable since my coaching was done remotely.

Well…It worked. I looked forward to measuring my progress and sticking with the plan. I was coached until I no longer felt helpless about my weight and was adequately equipped to continue my fitness journey without being coached.

Lisa Melara was my fitness coach. She provided total (spirit, soul, and body) fitness experience. Lisa constantly challenged me to take control of my health and fitness. She prayed with me, worked with me remotely, ensured I was not starving and followed a workout plan without visiting the gym. That’s amazing!

Approximately 14 months difference. Hopefully, you can see the difference. I could not get better pictures for public display. You can checkout another picture here

Finding My Whys for Fitness

It is easy to quit when one does not have valueable reasons for staying fit. I embarked on a postpartum fitness journey because I wanted to keep up with the little one’s high energy, fit into some clothes I was gifted, and I did not want to accept the fat military veteran stereotype. Those were initially my top 3 reasons for deciding to lose weight.

My reasons changed as I made progress. I realized having a spiritual reason for fitness was more empowering. My body must be cared for in order for the real me, my spirit, to legally stay on earth and fulfill God’s purpose for my existence. God is interested in our total wholeness.

These are my new whys for health and fitness (eating healthy, exercising, sleeping well, and making healthy choices):

I want to be a good steward of God’s temple.

I want to be happy about my body instead of wishing for a body I do not have.

I want to be strong, energetic, and keep up with the high energy required for parenting my little one and working with my clients.

I want to avoid sicknesses and diseases associated with unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Those are my whys for health and fitness and I will let them guide my choices this coming year.

What are your whys for fitness? Let me know in the comment section below ♥️.

For mommas interested in losing belly fat: I found out I had Diastasis Recti. I didn’t know about the condition until I started researching how to lose postpartum belly fat.

Here is a video on how to determine if you have the condition and exercises that may help get rid of Diastasis Recti. These exercises worked for me in addition to the workout plans in my coaching program.

Postpartum weight loss should be a gradual process, not a “bounce back” idolized process. Take your time, listen to your body’s need for rest and good food. Health and fitness is within your reach. If you can do something about it, do it and ask God to help you. After all, God needs your body to get some work done on earth.


  1. I love this! Congrats on on your great fitness journey.
    My why’s for trying to be more fit…to have more self confidence, to be a better healthier example for my child, and to love myself unselfishly.