The Widow of Nain

Luke 7:11-16

In this story, the widow didn’t ask for Jesus’s help. Considering how widows went through neglect in those days when they had no one to provide for them, she probably had resigned to her fate of suffering. In a society where a widow will probably have no help or protection upon the death of her husband, losing her only son who could redeem her would have been a huge blow to her. Thankfully, we see Jesus come in to change the situation. Here are two lessons from the widow of Nain’s story:

  1. The Lord provides: As women, we have a lot of needs. Our days, especially as wives and moms, often begin with feeding the family and getting chores done. And several tasks run through our minds daily. It’s easy to keep moving on past dead situations we encounter in our lives just to ensure we are on schedule. The busyness of life can make it difficult to reach out to Christ to bring back life into situations that shake us to the core, and yet we seem to move right past or describe as “normal”. The widow of Nain’s story gives me hope that God has got me even when I can’t remember to pray my challenging issues back to life. God sees me, knows the tribulations, temptations, and trials I am facing, and doesn’t relent from helping. Be rest assured that Jesus is by your side to help, even though you might forget to solicit His help sometimes.

  2. You are not alone: When you read the account, you will realize that the entire town was with the widow. They didn’t know how to bring her son back to life, but they showed up for her. For us as believing women, this crowd is often not physical. This crowd is the host of witnesses cheering us on when things are dead [Heb 12:1]. If you read the account, you’ll see that the multitude drew Jesus’ attention to the dead boy and caused Him to raise him back to life. When we get down deep in impossible situations that threaten to rob us of life, hope, faith, and family, we must never forget that we aren’t alone. We are being cheered on by those who have gone ahead of us. Even more profound is that our high priest is also right there with them (Heb. 7:24-25), encouraging us, interceding for us, and moving things around so we can fully possess and walk in the victory He has brought us. So whenever you are down because of an issue or situation that seems beyond your reach (dead), remember that your high priest Jesus Christ is interceding for you, and He will not rest until you are fine (better off). Be encouraged!!!

Author: Enam A.

Enam is a wife to a faithful man and a mom to an active little girl. She enjoys reading and learning and places a lot of value on growth. She works as a general manager with a tech startup in Ghana. She loves writing and has two blogs where she occasionally shares her ideas and experiences.

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  1. It feels good to be reminded that God is looking out for us even when we don’t request it in our prayers. Praise the Lord!

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