Wohoo, It’s Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s day to the grandfathers, biological fathers, adoptive fathers, step-fathers, single fathers, foster-fathers, and spiritual fathers giving fatherhood their best. We are grateful that you give your best even when it’s hard. Despite your imperfections, you give us a glimpse of the perfect father, God, our heavenly father. Thank you for staying and loving. […]

Thank You!

Dear friends, I apologize for the unintended breaks and irregularities in blogging this month. COVID-19 has interrupted my regular schedule. I am a stay-at-home mom once again. This requires giving the little one a lot of attention while balancing other aspects of life. I wonder how moms of two or more kids manage their schedule. […]

HAppY 4tH!

God bless the United States of America! As we celebrate Independence day in the United States, I can’t help but think of the freedom we enjoy in this great nation and threats to freedom. I am glad Christians are able to assemble and worship without fear. Although terrorism and extremism threatens our freedom of assembly, […]