We Have Birthrights!

One of the birthrights of every child is a loving family. Every child deserves a family that responds to the child’s needs and nurtures the child’s spirit, soul, and body. God created family. Perhaps, that’s why the creator of all things is known as God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit (whose power, comfort, and nurture I am beginning to understand better through motherhood experience). Jesus laid down his life for us to become a part of God’s family, for our adoption into God’s family.

Whenever I pick up the little one, one or two children would hold on to me or approach me in a way that says “take me home”. No matter how cute they are and how much love I have for them, they cannot go home with me. They have to become mine to go home with me. In addition, I do not have permission to do many things with them even if I want to. I have no parental right over them.

The little one is a member of my family, he enjoys everything that comes with being a member of my household. He gets to bear our surname, live in the family house, he gets our protection, provision, and enjoys a unique kind of love that comes with being a part of the family. These are some of the little one’s birthrights and he would become aware of more birthrights as he grows in the house.

Despite my love for other children, they cannot enjoy the little one’s birthrights until they become a member of my household.

God loves everyone. However, only those who choose to become a member of God’s family get to enjoy family benefits. When you surrendered your life to Jesus, you became a member of God’s family. What a wonderful privilege! We get to call God, father and enjoy the rights of children.

Sadly, it is possible to live in a family and not enjoy the benefits if you do not know your birthrights or choose not to enjoy your benefits (Hosea 4:6). In God’s family, our birthrights are written in the Bible. As we read and meditate on God’s word, we begin to know the things God has freely given to us, his children. This is exciting!

God is your father and He has written your birthrights in the Bible. Do you want to know your birthrights? Do you want to live like a child of God? Do you want to know your heavenly father intimately? Meditate on God’s word.

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  1. This is on point!. It reminds me of the brother of the prodigal son, who the father had to remind him of his rights that had been there. When he became jealous and questioned the father.
    May God help us to know our “full rights and inheritance in Him”.

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