Thoughts on Parenting 101

In parenting, there should be no competition between a mother and father. It is not wise to manipulate our children so that they would prefer one parent than the other. We should use our mother-child relationship to strengthen father-child relationship and vice versa. It is important for a mother and father to have a united voice in parenting. If we truly love our children, we would set aside our differences and do what is best for our children.

Similarly, a family splintered by feuding will fall apart. Mark 3:25


  1. Children learn quickly how to pit one parent against the other and drive a wedge between the mother and the father. It’s important not to disagree on parenting in front of the kids. If one parent took a lead in a situation, let it happen and then talk about it later. Kids will try to manipulate and go to the more conciliatory parent first. Even if parents are no longer together then as you stated Temi put your child’s needs ahead of your issues and work together on key values. Then as you co-parent, you can be united and identify the best ways to get the values enforced in any given situation.

  2. When my parents were in their divorce phase, they wanted us to take sides. It was so confusing for me. And it affected psychologically. Great post Temi. Parents shouldn’t be self-centred. They should also consider their children’s feelings. Thanks for sharing

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